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Hercule - Mr. Satan - Master Pogi, Cosplay, Tokyo Otaku Mode, Otakuhouse, and ToyCon 2012

I am a person who loves to tell jokes, have fun and at the same time be serious.  When I started cosplaying in 2010 one of my dream cosplays was Hercule aka Mr. Satan aka Master Pogi from Dragonball Z.  The main reason I like him is because I can mimic his voice but I lack some of his features.  How did I overcome all of these challenges and eventually this one became one of my most successful cosplays to date.

The first time I aspired to cosplay Master Pogi was when I met the Z Warriors.  I asked them if I can join them as Master Pogi.  They eventually said yes but then after a while comebody else cosplayed Mr. Satan, a very good friend of mine Nathaniel Ferrer.  He was my idol and I was so amazed at how he brings the character to life including the perfection of his skit.

I eventually deleted and erased my plans to cosplay as Master Pogi from my album.  Came a surprise this year when, Nathaniel Ferrer eventually lend me the Hercule costume.  I was happy but worried.  My first cosplay as Master Pogi was during Naruto Cosplayers - Hidden Hanabi Village outreach in Bethany.  Some of my cosplay friends even joked about my look as the singer Tom Jones.

After that I continue to cosplay as Master Pogi in cosplay conventions which our organization organized.  The biggest opportunity came when my dream in 2010 became a reality and I joined a cosplay shoot during Ozinefest 2012 with the Z Warriors.  The epic photo below would eventually land at Tokyo Otaku Mode with 839 likes and 217 shares.  As I read the comments I can see tons and tons of comment pertaining to Mr. Satan.  It would not have been possible if not for my good friends, the Z Warriors and the original Master Pogi Nathaniel Ferrer.  Not everyone will of course appreciate my cosplay but I am welcome to all comments and as a cosplayer we all should be.

I then decided to try out some skits but since I am busy I cannot do what Nathaniel Ferrer does.  I don't have the time to edit sound effects and so I decided to use the talent I have, impromptu theater performance.  Impromptu theater performance is visualizing a skit or play in mind with just visualization and very few minutes of practice and then execute it in a short period of time.  In fact, this is the same technique I use for my Kratos and Killer Bee cosplays.

Eventually, my skit as Master Pogi was received joyfully.  During an event at SM City Tarlac the audience was laughing so hard even Don Robert Torio, one of the mentors I consider in the cosplay community.  During Hobbyfest 2012, I was torn between going as Kratos or Master Pogi, and that time I went for Kratos but I eventually lost because of my competitors showmanship.

Then, the biggest success for my Master Pogi/Mr. Satan/Hercule  was during ToyCon 2012.  In fact I am not supposed to attend ToyCon 2012 because I am going to Animayugo in Albay but then because of the typhoon it was postponed.  I went to ToyCon 2012 as Master Pogi not expecting anything.  I joined the competition and decided to do my best.  I was even intimidated by the details of the costume of some of the competitors.  And then, it happened... I won for Best Anime Cosplay for ToyCon 2012.

The secret?  Well, probably it all boils down to becoming the character and also thanks to Eleazar Santos and his idea of Gin Pogi which made a lot of difference.  The sisters Alodia and Ashley Gosengfiao was laughing so hard on their seats and Ashley was clapping during the whole duration of the skit.  The audience chant was so loud that I only noticed it when I watched the video.  

It was thanks to all those audience that believed in my cosplay and supported me during ToyCon 2012.  If not for them I could not have won as well.  I always believe that cosplay boils down not only to how you see your cosplay but to how others see and appreciate it.

I am also looking forward to a successful stint for the Otaku House Cosplay Idol.  Hoping to land on the top 5 of my category and be one of the top 3 for Asia Pacific.  It is quite a dream but I hope that I can be there, to exhibit the fulfilling art of cosplay.  

If you want to support and vote for me for the Otaku House Cosplay Idol JUST CLICK THIS LINK and then click Google +1 and/or Facebook Like.  You can also comment and then if possible share it to all your friends.

Master Pogi/Hercule/Mr. Satan is a representation of who I am as a person... a serious, jolly, fun loving and loving father to my three kids.  I would always remember this cosplay for the rest of my life and also forever be thankful to everyone who appreciated it including the one that allowed me to wear this costume, Nathaniel Ferrer.  Thanks Nath!

To my Naruto Cosplayers PH family, I am forever thankful to you for believing in our cause and for staying together united as one family no matter what the circumstances are.  Let us continue to make a difference in society together...

To my, Z Warriors family... I hope I can call you as that... thanks for the acceptance and great time.

To all the cosplayers and the cosplay community always remember... 

Every cosplayer... every winner... and every con is the sum of the community therefore every single cosplayer who truly understands and love this art is important. I do not care about who is the best or worst in cosplay for what is important is the friendship and positive things that each individual acquire from it.
Thanks for reading and have fun!  To those who want to join cosplaying for a cause internationally just join www.facebook.com/NarutoCosplayersInternational.

For the full album of my cosplay as Mr. Satan/Hercule/Master Pogi check out my album "Cosplay - Master Pogi (Mr. Satan Dragonball)"

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