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ANIMAYUGO 2012: Bicol Cosplayers Shines

Mark Andrew addressing the crown at AnimaYugo 2012

As a cosplayer and a blogger, ANIMAYUGO 2012 is the farthest cosplay event I have attended.  I went there together with another cosplayer from Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH), Ira Orduna.  It was a grueling 12-hour trip from Cubao, Quezon City but I will say it is worth that travel.  The event highlighted the best cosplayers in the Bicol Region and the support of both the students of Bicol State University Pulangie Campus headed by Mark Andrew Diaz Sandro and by the Local Government Unit headed by Hon. Mayor Cherlie Mella-Sampal and Hon. Vice Mayor Jesus S. Salceda Jr.  The event was part of PULANG ANGUI FESTIVAL 2012

Mark Andrew, head of the organizing team of AnimaYugo 2012

29 cosplayers performed on stage to compete for the Best Cosplayer for Animayugo 2012.  Each invidivual osplayers performance shows their preparation for this event was not easy.  There are well done performances and there were also lapses but it was very natural.  Costumes was very elaborate and comparable to those in Manila.  Bicol cosplayers ingenuity and creativity with their costumes are commendable.  Those that are not made from rubber sheets are made from readily available materials and are crafted into a costume which will tell you the amount of effort and time spent on them.

We were given a warm welcome by the organizers and was given food when we arrive.  I cosplayed Kratos Dominus Skin Armor from God of War and Ira Orduna which cosplayed the character from Monster Hunter, Azure Rathalos.  Ira was with her mother as well.

Ira orduna as Azure Rathalos from Monster Hunter during the Photoshoot
Before the main cosplay event there was a photoshoot for all cosplayers.  The shoot was part of a workshop called Digital Imaging for Dammies.  The shoot was really great and by the way I see it the cosplayers really enjoyed the session.

During the maincosplay event the entrance was really epic.  Each cosplayer walked down the gymnasium at the center of the audience.  As if there was a red carpet there one by one the cosplayers entered the event area showing their individual characters.

There were both mecha cosplay, anime and the majority of the cosplay was from video games and online games.  The Bumble Bee costume was amazing and I was also keen in watching Captain Jack Sparrow as he get drunk on stage, although not literally.

Then the crucial time arrived and the judges gave their verdict on the winners of ANIMAYUGO 2012.  I was lucky enough to be 3rd Placer in the event and have the best trophy so far in any cosplay event that I have attended.

Other winners includes Jack Sparrow for the 2nd Place and the champion went to the all lighted upa nd suited up Bummble Bee.

Congratulations to the event organizer of ANIMAYUGO 2012!  The trip was all worth it.  Just hoping that next time we will get to see more of the scenery of Pulangui because we missed that great chance.

Photo Credit to Jose Salceda and Owen Mendoza delos Angeles.

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