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Featured Japanese Band : The Gazette

The Gazette (Gazetto) is one of the most popular visual kei band in japan. Currently signed in Sony Music Japan  VVV Records. The band started around year 2002 with only three members Ruki (vocals), Reita (Bass) and Uruha (guitar) having related to other band in visual scene.

The three of them decided that The gazette will be there last band so they recruited Aoi (Guitar) and Yune (Drums) from disbanded visual band "Artia" and formally became "The Gazette" in 2002.

In year 2003, Yune left The Gazette and replaced by Kai and volunteered to be the leader of the group. The Gazette's musical style varies greatly, but it is generally considered to be a form of Rock music. Some of there songs can be considered as a form of  Heavy Metal, Experimental metal, Metal core, crossover thrash  Alternative metal.

This is a video of one their song titled "Taion" (Body Temperature) is a form of Alternative Metal.

They also dabbled in Nu Metal with there songs  "Burial Applicant", "The Suicide Circus" and "Agony". Some of there songs like  "Silly God Disco", "Swallowtail on the Death Valley" and "Shadow VI II I" feature a Funk Rock  sound with the use of jazzy chords and upbeat choruses.

"Silly God Disco" showcasing their Funk Rock  sound.

Songs like "Leech" and "Hyena" feature a hard rock sound,"Zakurogata no Yūutsu" and "Best Friends" feature a pop rock sound, "Shiikureta Haru, Kawarenu Haru" and "Wakaremichi" feature a glam rock sound and "Nakigahara" and "Dim Scene" feature a progressive rock sound. Songs like "Murder's TV", "Kantō Dogeza Kumiai", "Anti-pop" and "Sugar Pain" feature an experimental form of punk.

"Filth in the Beauty" is my favorite song features female R&B vocals and bass, Spanish guitar with techno beat, crunchy metal riffs, harmonized choruses and a headbanging riff right in the middle - all within the same song.

  • The Gazette present members are:

    Ruki – lead vocals, additional guitars
    Reita – bass, piano (studio only), backing vocals 
    Uruha  lead guitar, backing vocals
    Aoi – rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
    Kai – drums, percussion, leader

The Gazette became famous not just in Japan but also Internationally.

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