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Pinoy Superheroes, Pinoy Cosplay and Bayan Knights

The recent feature on GMA News TV's I Juander of Pinoy superheroes particularly of 3 of the characters from Bayan Knights, is to be considered a benchmark in setting a new trend in recognizing native superheroes of the Philippines.  It also says a lot about a possible trend in the cosplay community in realizing that there are also local superheroes which can be cosplayed by teens.  Kalayaan, Luzviminda and Council, are all members of the Bayan Knights Powerhouse Division.

Council was cosplayed by the creator himself, Teardrop Cordez; Luzviminda was cosplayed by Ira Orduna and Kalayaan by Eleazar Santos who are both officers of Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH).  I Juander not only show the characters but also briefly showcased the capabilities and powers of each of these superheroes.  There was also a short scene where the three Bayan Knights made a rescue. (More behind the scenes of I Juander here)

Bayan Knights was a commendable project.  It is in fact the biggest modern collaboration by a group of comic book creators nationwide and even abroad to revitalize the local Comics industry.  Bayan Knights is also the first title to feature the characters of individual creators while retaining the individual rights to them. This one in a kind innovation was officially launched on September 2007 and the first comics premiered during Komikon 2008 held at the UP Bahay ng Alumni on November 22, 2008.

It was with great pride to see the recognition of the Bayan Knights on television.  As someone who did cosplay Kalayaan as well during GTMACCON 2011, it will be the first time that cosplayers wearing Pinoy superheroes did appear on TV screen.

In fact way back 2010, NCPH made a small project dubbed PINOY SUPERHEROES GUILD.  The main aim of this project is to encourage cosplayers to cosplay Pinoy superheroes from Bayan Knights and the Sanlahi universe.

Bayan Knights is divided into various divisions.  These divisions and members are:

  1. Sarhento Sagrado (Gilbert Monsanto) 
  2. Phantom Cat (Amely Vidal) 
  3. Manila Man (RH Quilantang) 
  4. Salakay (Gerard Fernandez) 
  5. Bato (Gener Pedrina) 
  6. Morion (Juan Paolo Mañanita) 
  7. Boy Ipis (Paul Michael Ignacio)
  1. Council (Teardrop) 
  2. Kalayaan (Gio Paredes) 
  3. Maskarado (Reno Maniquis) 
  4. Pag-Asa (Erico Calimlim) 
  5. Luzviminda (Ray Magbanua) 
  6. Liberty Girl (Joriben Zaballa) 
  7. Claw (Myke Guisinga) 
  8. Bagwis (Santy Panes) 
  9. Servant (Geoffrey Borgonia) 
  1. Kadasig (Ian Sta. Maria) 
  2. Leather (Gilbert Monsanto) 
  3. Kilabot (Levy Ramirez) 
  4. Lito (Jayboy Acosta) 
  5. Niño (Teardrop) 
  6. Gwapoman (Moses Aaron Felizmenio) 
  7. MAO (Mark Willard Wong) 
  8. Mananabas (Redge Vicente) 
  9. Santelma (Peter Fernandez) 
  10. Talim (Omi Remalante) 
  1. Mithi (Francis Lim) 
  2. Gante (Peter Fernandez) 
  3. Narra (Gener Pedrina) 
  4. Leon Artemis (Christian Gumba) 
  5. Zheya (Myles Chua) 
  6. Noah (Ferdinand Dacanay) 
  1. Kawal (Donne Ephraim R. Celadiña) 
  2. Kalasag (Joseph Bautista) 
  3. Overdrive (Mark Rosario) 
  4. Silaw (Jac Ting Lim) 
  5. Pintura (John Becaro) 
  6. Bathala (Jon Zamar)
  1. Junior (Jeffrey Benitez) 
  2. Maso (Ramil Ibay) 
  3. Booster B (Juan Paolo Mañanita) 
  4. Handog (Jay Dela Cruz) 
  5. Ida (Christine Rivero)

For more information on Bayan Knights you can visit their official blog at www.bayanknights.blogspot.com

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