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Steven Wafu: A Cosplayer's Death Prank

Prank and fake news is nothing new to the online world.  In fact the news about Justin Bieber, or Madonna or even Barrack Obama being dead is almost a daily thing but perhaps this is the first time I encountered a death prank involving a cosplayer.  Steven Wafu's death seems to be a trend that had been shared by many in the cosplay community mainly because of the genuine camaraderie shown by each cosplayer and member of the community.

I first encountered this news about the death of Steven Wafu through a status message by my good friend, Nico Fresh.  Out of my compassion I also decided to send my condolences and posted the news in my wall and eventually someone send me a link to an album created by Jayson Ruiz Calahi.

The album contains screenshots of the discussion between Jayson and a certain Princess Laverne Castro.  Princess is said to be the person who is behind the Steven Wafu's death prank.  According to Jayson he had a chance to personally talk to Steven to confirm that he is still alive.

However, the said caption on the album also creates another question if the news of the death of Steven was really a prank or a miscommunciation since the same description talks about Steven in the hospital and waiting to recover to create fan signs for his friends and clear the issue.  What happened to Steven and why did this prank started in the first place?

Jayson also said that Princes Laverne also coerced with her secretary to spread the false rumors to the cosplay community.  If Steven is really alive then we should be hearing from him in the next few days.  For those who want to view the "STEVEN WAFU'S DEATH PRANK" album CLICK HERE.

Indeed the online world gave us lots of new ways to communicate but it also opened the door to a Pandora's box of negative ways of using it.  Be vigilant always and avoid such pranks.

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