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I support Myrtle as a Cosplayer and Person BUT NOT for the sake of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 4

I know that there are several groups within the cosplay community gathering for the sake of supporting Myrtle Gail Sarrosa at the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 4.  There are people who message me on Facebook and even approach me and ask to rally behind her.  My simple answer is YES I WOULD... BUT NOT FOR THE SAKE OF PBB.

Myrtle is a commendable cosplayer and a commendable person, yet what we see on television sometimes disappoints me as a member of the community.  At some point, there are notions and labelling that Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 4 is in some way dubbed as "Landian Edition."  The housemates are being portrayed as unfaithful people who would back fight someone just to get the attention of another.

I admire Pinoy Big Brother in its early years as it really shows a reality show that gets into the personality of the housemates.  As time goes by however, it seems to be turning out into a show being driven by the need for television ratings.  At some point is becomes a bad influence for the youth who might see things and acts on the show as "rightful" to do.

Myrtle deserves to win Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition, that is a fact for me as a cosplayer but does she need all the buzz and the hassle in PBB to stress out a point in the community?  Does her appearance in Pinoy Big Brother contributes positively to cosplaying?

The answer to these questions is left to each and everyone of us.  I will not tell you what you think but for me what I wrote here is what I think personally.

There is no need for PBB "Landian Edition" for someone from the cosplay community to prove that cosplayers are good and sensible people... for we already are good and sensible people.  Good luck Myrtle Gail Sarrosa!

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