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Pokeverse Expo 2024: A Celebration of All Things Pokémon

Prepare for an unforgettable experience at the Pokeverse Expo from May 31 to June 2, 2024, at the SM Megatrade Hall, SM Megamall.  This is the first of its kind, arrived in Manila. This unique event, in partnership with Hobby Stadium, Arken, and more, promises to bring Pokémon fans together like never before. With a diverse range of activities, guests, and exhibits, the expo is set to be the ultimate celebration of the beloved Pokémon franchise.

Pokeverse Expo 2024

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Don't miss out on this unique fan experience! Secure your spot now and take advantage of our special offers, including up to 50% off for students. Grab your tickets along with exclusive family and 'barkada' deals, ensuring a fun-filled weekend for everyone at https://pokeverse.ph/. Follow our official Facebook fan page at https://www.facebook.com/PokeverseOfficial for the latest updates and exclusive content.

Kirck Allen Pokeverse 2024

Kirck Allen, one of the lead producers of the Pokeverse Expo, shared his excitement: "We've had brilliant Pokémon-themed events in the country before, but Pokeverse is the first Pokémon-themed expo of its kind. It distinguishes itself from previous conventions and meet-ups by its unprecedented scale, design, and comprehensive offerings. We’re also thrilled to have Veronica Taylor, the beloved original voice actress of Ash Ketchum, and Jason Paige, the original singer of the Pokémon theme song "The Voice of a Generation as guests for our event—something that is a dream come true for most fans."

Cosplayers will also get a special discount per day.  Pokemon Cosplayers will get a 50% discount, while non-Pokemon cosplayers will get a 30% discount.  So be in cosplay and attend the event from May 31 to June 2 at SM Megatrade Hall, SM Megamall. Remember that only the first 100 cosplayers per day will be given discounts.

Pokeverse Expo 2024 Cosplay Competition

There will also be a POKEVERSE COSPLAY COMPETITION.  If you are interested in joining the competition you can register online here or register during the event and be part of the cosplay competition. You can register online or register onsite during the event.  Only those selected online (Top 15), or those completing the first 15 onsite will be able to participate if ever the online registration does not meet the minimum. 

Veronica Taylor, the iconic voice of Ash Ketchum, shares her journey:

Veronica Taylor, the iconic voice of Ash Ketchum

“I was working on another anime called Slayers in English, and it just happens that the people who cast me in that were doing the casting for Pokémon. So, I auditioned for it, and there were many callbacks, and I happened to get the role. Even when I got it, I wasn't sure if I was going to keep it, and it just kind of went on and on.

And I have to say, it's one of the most challenging and joyful roles I've ever had. I love playing Ash; he was this ten-year-old normal boy who's full of just courage and positivity. I think it changed my life because I think I took positivity for granted before this. But now I realized how important it is.

I mean, it changed my life. I get to travel now, Comic-Cons all over the world because people love, there's something about Pokémon that people just love and identify with, and luckily, I can kind of be the bridge between their childhood and their memories, and their now. And then, you know, I can show up and they can tell me all about when they were watching the show, and it's just a lovely exchange. It's such an honor to be a part of people's lives in this way.” Watch Veronica’s interview here : https://fb.watch/s9sMQIXEnq/

Jason Paige, the voice behind the unforgettable Pokémon theme song, reflects on his journey:

“Yeah. I, I can't wait to meet you all and sing for you all and catch the Pokémon love. I’ve been hearing good things about the Pokémon scene in the Philippines for many years now. So, it's a long time coming for me to get there and meet everyone.

Jason Paige - Pokeverse 2024

Well, it's changed my life more specifically in 2016 when Pokémon Go came out. I popped out of the Pokéball and greeted the adults (who were still children when it first came out). The children that grew up on Pokémon didn't really know who sang the song. It wasn't important who sang the song; it was only important that the song moved them. It's like a great piece of art that you see on the wall. You don't think about who painted that piece of art, you just see the art and experience the art, and that's the beauty of it. So, these children then grow up and now as adults they realize somebody sang the song, and that was about in 2016 when they came of age and they started playing the song again on all these streaming services like Spotify and YouTube and Amazon music.

And then the media wanted to know who I was, and they looked me up because it's not obvious. Look on the inside of the 2B Master CD and the tiny little spread at the end of the lyrics, who I was. And that's when my life basically started being changed by the Pokémon love. It started being directed at me from the adults who lived wonderful childhoods inspired by Pokémon.” Invitation from Jason Paige himself on this like: https://www.facebook.com/reel/457311913503492

Get ready to be thrilled as Veronica Taylor, the beloved original voice actress of Ash Ketchum, and Jason Paige, the original singer of the Pokémon theme song "The Voice of a Generation," join us at the Pokeverse Expo. Their presence adds an extra layer of excitement to this already thrilling event, alongside our cherished celebrities Myrtle Sarrosa, Robi Domingo, and Tim Yap.

Save the dates from May 31 to June 2, 2024, as the Pokeverse Expo lands at SM Megamall, Megatrade Hall, for a three-day Pokémon-themed extravaganza. Secure your tickets now at https://pokeverse.ph/.

More About Pokeverse Expo 2024

Pokeverse 2024 poster

While Pokeverse maintains no official affiliation with The Pokémon Company and its subsidiaries, this event is made possible through partnerships with licensed Pokémon distributors in the country. This expo is co Presented by Philippine airlines along with major sponsors including leading hobby shops, Pokémon collectors, exhibitors, and sponsors such as Philippine Airlines, MINISO, Toy Kingdom, Serenitea, The Manila Times, Business Insight, XOVOX Labs, DIY Bakery, Frigga Charmed Life, Kaloscope, and many more.

The Pokeverse team is excited to host this event with the support of some of the most respected individuals in the Pokémon community.

Soon Aik Ng, an avid Pokémon enthusiast with huge experiences dealing with the Pokémon franchise lends his expertise to ensure that our event provides the most authentic enjoyable experience for all participants. He has this to say:

"The Philippines is very fortunate to have organizers of Pokéverse, who have shown great enthusiasm for Pokémon, to bring the greatest and most authentic experience for all levels of Pokémon fans. I was touched by their burning passion, and I am more than happy to lend my experience with Pokémon to guide the organizers to brainstorm ways to bring positive energy and a sense of community to Pokémon fans at Pokéverse."

Pokeverse Expo 2024

Likewise, Filip Monakil, a well-respected head judge for the Trading Card Game (TCG) and also with experience in dealing with the Pokémon franchise shares his thoughts:

“I’m very thankful to the organizers of Pokeverse. They have opened the door that would bring all the Pokémon fans together and experience a one-of-a-kind event. Fans from different generations will have a chance to share their love and passion for the franchise, as well as fulfill all their dreams of having an event like this in our country. I'm glad to be a part of this event as I get to share my love and passion towards Pokémon as well. So once again, to the organizers of Pokeverse, thank you for bringing in this kind of event and may you continue to inspire and set an example for future events like this. It’s great to be a Pokémon fan in 2024!”

Godfrey C. Murillo, known as "Pika Frey," a master collector and certified Pokémon Professor, shares his perspective:

"Pokeverse is a game-changer for Pokémon fans in the Philippines, especially collectors. It's the place where connections happen, and passions ignite. Going to Pokeverse isn't just about having fun; it's about reigniting that Pokémon spark, whether you're a seasoned collector or a fan coming back for more."

Pokeverse Advisors also include:

Devan Kyle Timbol, an avid Pokémon player and another master collector. Known for his charismatic personality, he has voiced for several TCG Championships around Asia as a caster. He will also come in as an official caster for the Pokeverse to give fans an exciting breakdown for the major competitions happening during the event.

Joshua Doctolero, a Pokémon TCG Master and 2 National Champion, known for his stellar history and expertise in the Pokémon Trading Card Game, now sharing his knowledge and wisdom in order to say what it takes to be the very best like no one ever was.

Kirck Allen, one of the lead producers of the Pokeverse Expo also adds, "From our innovative map and business model to our partnerships with official licensed distributors and the themed activities we have in store, we aim to produce an event like no other. Unlike typical conventions, which might focus on specific aspects like community, fan art, and cosplay, Pokeverse spans three days, encompassing these elements while capturing the childhood essence every Pokémon fan, from children to adults, is looking for."

"The event will feature a comprehensive museum with vintage Pokémon products, competitive competitions themed towards the Pokémon IP, and a line-up of local celebrities reigniting their passion and sharing their journey with the brand. Our goal is to create an inclusive environment where true Pokémon fans can fully immerse themselves in the world of their favorite brand in real life.

Pokeverse Expo 2024

Pokeverse Expo 2024

Pokeverse Expo 2024

Pokeverse Expo 2024

Pokeverse Expo 2024

Pokeverse Expo 2024

Join us at Pokeverse for a memorable weekend where you can meet your favorite Pokémon icons, participate in engaging activities, and celebrate your love for Pokémon with fellow enthusiasts. This event is a tribute to the nostalgic childhood memories of Pokémon, generously organized by the Philippine Feng Shui queen herself, Marites Allen, and her son Kirck Allen and the whole Pokeverse team.

Further studies online reveal that beyond video games, the Pokémon Trading Card Game has sold over 52.9 billion cards, solidifying its position as the best-selling trading card game of all time, surpassing even Yu-Gi-Oh! Additionally, the Pokémon anime series has amassed a massive following, with over 2 billion viewers across 183 countries. The film adaptations have also been incredibly successful, selling more than 190 million tickets and grossing over $1.8 billion at the worldwide box office. In fact, the Pokémon franchise's reach surpasses that of Harry Potter, Star Wars, Mickey Mouse, Marvel, Barbie and Mario combined. From video games and TV shows to trading cards and movies, Pokémon has evolved into a cultural phenomenon that continues to captivate fans across the globe.

Ticket Information:

The entrance fee is essential to cover the substantial costs associated with organizing the event, including venue rental, international headliner fees, flights, hotels, transport, setup, and logistics. The freebies, gifts, and opportunities that a ticket holder will receive during the expo will provide value that far exceeds the ticket cost. Additionally, the fee helps manage crowd control, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for families and children, who are a significant target audience of the event. Join us at Pokeverse and be part of this exciting event. For inquiries, contact hello@pokeverse.ph or call 0920 9281288 / 0925 1279023. 

Choose kindness. Choose Pokeverse. Get your tickets now at https://pokeverse.ph/.

Pokeverse Expo 2024

Pokeverse Expo 2024

Pokeverse Expo 2024


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