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Cosplayer Profiles: DAVE VELASQUEZ

Cosplayer Profiles: DAVE VELASQUEZ

I first met Dave Velasquez way back in 2013, during the first run of Cosplay Idol.  I think his first cosplay was Robocop and I was so amazed by how he perfectly portrayed the character.  For 12 years, he had honed his craft and became one of the cosplayers that had inspired many up to now.  In this COSPLAYER PROFILES, we share the cosplay journey of DAVE VELASQUEZ, one of the pillars of Heroes Conventions PH.

Dave Velasquez, Celebrating 12 Years of Being a Cosplayer

Cosplayer Profiles: DAVE VELASQUEZ

Dave Velasquez started attending conventions in 2012. and started competing in 2013 until he hit the mark the year after that 2014.  He is now 24, and it's been half his life being a cosplayer.  According to him being a cosplayer has its ups and downs but you always come back to this hobby.

I'm Grateful to Meet My Cosplay Idols in the Community I never thought I would meet nor have a collaborations for some events with them the Master Crafter Kino Kaoru The King of Cosplay Prince De Guzman Transformations and The beautiful ate AWIE with the her Amazing Cosplays and of course The Queen of All time Cosplay Alodia Gosiengfiao 
Cosplayer Profiles: DAVE VELASQUEZ

Cosplay Journey

I've been Thankful to God for My Track Record as a Competitive Cosplayer & Cosplay Artist for Performances and in Costume Concepts for Crafting the Best Optimal suit for my Specifications.
  • Pinoy Otaku Festival - Fantasm Best Costume Award - 2014
  • Pinoy Otaku Festival -  Fantasm Cosplay Award Winner - 2014
  • OTACON KOSPLACE EMPIRE Kosplay Emperor Grand Winner - 2014
  • Cosmic Con Otaku Cosplay Idol Season 2 Wildcard Special Guest - 2014
  • FIL-Amarican Friendship Day Event Cosplay Representative - 2013
  • FIL-Amarican Friendship Day Event Cosplay Representative - 2014
  • FIL-Amarican Friendship Day Event Cosplay Representative - 2015
  • Warner Bros. Pictures, World of DC Comics Event, CW Flash Cosplay Appearance for DC Fans - 2015
  • ASAP & ABS-CBN TV Cosplay Appearance - 2017
  • My Superhero Friends Foundation, Inc. Taal Volcano Eruption Cosplay Volunteer with ABS CBN TV - 2020 
  • GMA TiktoClock TV Cosplay Appearance - 2022
  • Sugoi Anime Fest Robinsons Gen Trias Cosplay Judge - 2022
  • Heroes Convention Ph Heroes Toyzpalooza , Cosplay Judge Armored Category - 2022
  • Pinoy Otaku Festival - SHIZEN Special Guest - 2023
  • GMA 7 Family Feud Philippines Team Fighters Cosplay Representative - 2023
  • Heroes Comics & Cosplay Carnaval Armored & Tailored Category Judge - 2024
  • Proud Member and Core Team Member of MANILA SOUTH Cosplayers Philippines est. 2021
Cosplayer Profiles: DAVE VELASQUEZ

You can follow him, and interact with him, as well as watch his videos via his YouTube channel Toy Stash In Action. The channel focuses on Pop Culture Collectibles & Cosplay and Collectibles Event Channel - (5,000+) Subscribers

Most Cosplayers I'm sure don't know me because I was on a Hiatus from the Year 2018 to 2019 to Focus on my Studies.  So if you don't know me Hi I'm Dave Velasquez a Cosplayer Since 2012 Now I'm Happy to Say I Started Working On The YouTube Partner Program in the year 2020 as my full-time job covering Toy Collectibles and some other pop culture events along the way! 

Salute and congratulations to Dave Velasquez for his awesome journey as a cosplayer!



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David Shen D'Angelo

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