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VR Training Modules Opportunity for University Students from EDIPHI

Worldwide Internships-Philippines is proud to announce the launch of its new brand name and logo- EDIPHI. After 6 years of consistently evolving and moving education beyond the classroom through leading-edge career training and internships, Ediphi sets its sights on the metaverse as it continues to work with students, schools, and universities. Focusing on tourism and hospitality, Ediphi provides foundational education, upskilling, and reskilling that supports the life cycle of career placement and advancement in this ever-dynamic setting.

Ediphi’s innovative approach combines synchronous and asynchronous delivery of educational course content through Extended Reality (XR) and Web3 technology. Courses include VR training modules (designed for college, and university students and faculties), immersive classrooms, and blockchain credentialing, in addition, to live webinars and personalized guidance. To complement our courses, we coordinate international and virtual internships that prepare students to work, advance, and lead within their chosen fields.

As a trusted partner to schools and hotels, Ediphi provides customizable courses and just-in-time modules to meet their unique needs, including essential hard-and-soft skills training.

Seated sixth and seventh from left: Ediphi CE- Cristina Imperial Carl, and COO- Vanessa Jopillo with the entire EDIPHI Team.

“We felt it was time for an upgrade. We refreshed our company name and logo to reflect who we are today and what our future stands for. These days, our company- Ediphi harnesses the power of the metaverse while expanding access to education and pathways to leadership. Our transformational technology enables us to bring training to remote and historically underserved communities, creating new opportunities for students wherever they live,” Ediphi CEO- Cristina Imperial Carl quips.

At the recently concluded #edtechweek in New York City, Ediphi CEO Cristina Imperial Carl & COO Vanessa Jopillo, joined some Leading startups in EdTech to pitch their ideas followed by a discussion with related investors.

Part of the programs held at Google Headquarters is a 1:1 mentor meeting with StartEd mentors from the world's best EdTech companies and investors.

Ediphi offers the following programs: Bridge USA Exchange Visitor Program (J1); Europe Internship Programs (Spain and France); Asian Internship Programs (Thailand, Japan, and Malaysia); Virtual Training Lab Programs; Remote Internship Programs; Hybrid Internship Programs; VR/AR Training Programs; Blockchain Credentialing, Canada Work and Study Program, and Corporate Training Programs. For more information, check out their website at www.goediphi.com.


David Shen D'Angelo

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