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"Redolent Nonage" Limited-Time Event from Tears of Themis Will Be Available in November 2022

"Redolent Nonage" Limited-Time Event from Tears of Themis Will Be Available in November 2022 Otakucosplayph

Tears of Themis, a romance detective title from HoYoverse, will launch a brand-new event called "Redolent Nonage" in November. There will be a limited-time rerun of previous Luke cards during the event. Travel Wishes and other exciting activities are also part of the event. Players can participate to win limited-edition cards, invitations, furniture, level-up materials, exclusive phone calls, exclusive text messages, and a variety of other prizes.

A reunion after years apart sends ripples of affection through their hearts. The childhood friendship has quietly blossomed into mutual romantic affection. Words cannot express the joy they experienced during their time together. What sweet birthday surprises will Luke get this year? On this special day, make a wish with him and create a love that will last for all seasons.

Watch the official trailer here:

November 2022 Events to look forward

Players can accompany Luke to complete Travel Wishes on the Wish List during this limited-time event. Players can go shopping, buy little trinkets, savor childhood congee, return to campus for an open class, see a photography exhibition, ride a swan boat together, and so on... Take pleasure in the bliss and tranquillity of everyday life. During the event, players can complete birthday tasks for a limited time to obtain the Luke R card "Prepared," Tears of Themis, and other valuable rewards. Players can also complete Travel Wishes to obtain the birthday-limited "Luke -Redolent" outfit, "Luke's Bedroom" background, "Redolent Nonage" event commemorative badge, and other exclusive rewards. Log in during the event period to receive a text message and phone call from Luke on his birthday. Don't pass up these delectable and unique gifts!

During this time, the limited-time "Luke All-Year-Round" birthday series rerun will also be available, as will Luke's birthday SSR "Warm Embrace" limited-time rerun and rate-up. During the event, Luke's previous birthday R card "Quietly Waiting" will be available for a limited-time exchange, as will the "No Doubts" invitation. Total Purchases must be accumulated in order to unlock the "Redolent Photos" furniture set and other generous rewards.



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