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Where to Watch Anime for Free?

Now that Kiss Anime, Go Go Anime and other websites that most of you have patronage over the years is down due to copyright violation, where can you watch anime for free?  Is there still a way to watch free anime online?

The End of Free Anime Websites

Most anime fans want to know if they can still enjoy free anime or are they bound to subscribe to premium services such as Netflix? In a recent discussion by Mapoging Umaga Pilipinas, the topic centers around the new copyright law in Japan.

The new copyright law is more stringent and affects the distribution not only of anime but also of other Japan-related merchandise like manga, arts and more. Some anime fans who are tight on their budget are 50/50 regarding the shutdown of pirate websites.  Although they support anime, there is also the issue of cost and their capacity to pay.


Is Free Anime available online?

The thing is you do not have to be sad because there is still a way to watch and enjoy free anime online.  Do you know that CRUNCHYROLL actually offers free anime?  They do and in fact when I learned about it just a few days ago I am not enjoying Naruto Shippuden, an anime which is not even available on Netflix. Crunchyroll is available for the PC, iOS, Android and on Playstation (US Account).

So what is the catch?  Well, they do run ads on selected intervals of the show and you can avoid this by paying premium.  I believe they also have exclusive premium contents as well but do not fret because they also have a FREE 14-DAY PREMIUM TRIAL.

I know that there might be other free anime websites there but for now this is what I have discovered and also if you have not yet registered to the Crunchyroll Expo please do because it is free.

If you know other LEGAL free anime websites please let us know in the comment.  Thanks for reading.


David Shen D'Angelo

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