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Hello World Anime Review and Why It Made Me Fell Asleep

I got the news that HELLO WORLD is finally on Netflix and since it is quite a popular anime title I decided to watch it.  I am really excited about anime like this especially when they are released in the Philippines by Pioneer Films, however, this one made me fall asleep.

Twist and Turns of Hello World

"Hello World," which definitely comes from a computer project by every first time programmers is a sci-fi anime.  It dwells with a program which records history and people in it.  This program is so perfect that you can actually watch people and cities change.


The story revolves around Naomi Kitagaki (voiced by Takumi Kitamura), a super ordinary young high school kid who is significantly uninteresting.  One day he saw this light and then a bird steals his book and voila he met a version of himself from the future.

The future Naomi wants to correct a mistake he committed in the past which got her girlfriend in a coma.  In order to do that this past Naomi must do something.  While doing that they must prepare in order to defend against the beings in the program, which is the actual location of the past in this story.

Why Did I Fell Asleep in Hello World?

I would not go on and narrate the whole story because some of the readers might have not watched it yet but here are some of the factors which made me fell asleep.

  1. I find the sequence and twists pretty confusing and not well developed.
  2. The twists and turns are too much that some of it are unnecessary.
  3. The ending might be a bit too illogical to explain.

Unlike movies like Weathering With You and Kimi No Nawa, this movie seems to lack the emotional side of the whole story.  The emotion of the characters is not well defined and for me at least they fail to connect with the audience.  I am a very emotional person and having felt this makes me wonder why.

Though this has a high rating I would rate it 6/10.  It is still a good anime movie to watch and I might just be confused of all the plots but who knows it might appeal to you.

Update 9/16/2020: So I finally re-watched the movie and it seems I am still confused with all of these alternate universes.  Can someone explain to me why both of them are alive, why the guy is in comatose and why are they on the moon?  This is more confusing than DC's multiverse.

What do you think of Hello World?  Share it in the comments section below.


David Shen D'Angelo

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