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Talk to Megumin with the ISEKAI app!

Rejoice, KonoSuba fans!

You can now closely interact with the Explosion Magic-loving chuunibyou Crimson Demon Megumin with the ISEKAI app, which is developed by BOOK WALKER, a digital manga & light novel reading platform run by KADOKAWA.

We’ve always wanted to have a close interaction with one or a few of our favorite anime characters. However, some of the devices that offer that are very costly, and with the pandemic still going on, our priorities are shifted more to our daily needs and less to our wants.

But with the ISEKAI app, we now have a chance to interact with anime characters, and KonoSuba’s Megumin is the app’s very first character to feature! The app is free when you install it, but you may need to buy from their store to obtain more voice packs, outfits, and even English subtitle settings. 

You can change Megumin's outfit & background to boost her chuunibyou cuteness!

You can also add in voice lines & language packs for a more interactive conversation!

I just said "good morning" then she's
squealing with delight. #uwu

Talk Mode

After you talk to her using your device’s microphone, Megumin will respond to you!

Examples of words to start a conversation:
  • “Good morning!”
  • “It’s a match!”
  • “Congratulations.”
  • “What’s your name?”
  • “Konosuba.”

She can respond to a variety of keywords, so feel free 
to try a lot of topics!

Alarm Clock

This app is also equipped with an alarm clock that will wake you up with Megumin’s voice. There is a starter’s set of 10 voice lines that you can mix & match as well, so she can either say a cute morning greeting or do Explosion Magic on you - your pick.

This may look like a simple timer, but Megumin will join the countdown on the last 5 seconds before saying “EXPLOSION!”

Other functions include:
  • Stopwatch
  • English voice recognition & subtitles (mostly paid)
  • Outfit & background changes (free & paid)
  • Character Choice (the developers are planning to add more characters later on)

Watch Megumin’s voice actress Rie Takahashi enjoy the features of the app here:

The ISEKAI app can be downloaded from the Play Store & App Store or through their website.


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