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Cosplay Diaries: Stories Behind the Costumes!

Cosplay Diaries Youtube Channel

When you think about cosplay what is the first thing that comes to your mind? was it the costumes? the anime? the artist? or the life beyond it? To some cosplaying may be merely a hobby but there are others who have put it to heart that they become one with their art.

Last year, I started my passion project, Cosplay Diaries, holding the purpose of telling the stories of the people behind the colorful masks and costumes that I see in conventions. Some may not able to see their stories at first, but all it takes is to just ask. 

My first entry in the diary is Kuya Dennis Castor, born and raised in Bataan,  an amazing artist, cosplayer, and teacher. After seeing his incredible performance in the Ozine Fest Halloween Special I couldn't help but be amazed at the way he performed and with how intricate the machinery of his Necromorph Mask that deserved all the cheers and screams!

Necromorph Mask from Dead Space by Kuya Dennis

After his performance, I went from back to the front snaking through the crowd to catch up on a tired but happy cosplayer. The costume may look scary at a distance but up-close it is a total work of art! A few selfies and videos later I asked him if we could me early the next day for a vlog and without hesitation - he said YES!

Later that day, I unraveled the man behind that mask. 

Despite dealing with loneliness (depression) Kuya Dennis found refuge in art, cosplaying and teaching art to children. A self-taught talented artist who continues to amaze his audience with his works this is Kuya Dennis Castor, this is Cosplay Diaries:

Watch his full story here:



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