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Aeonica - The Cosplayer From The Other Side of the World

Aeonica in Cosplay Matsuri 2019
"I never truly felt completely isolated even though I'm so far away from home." Aeonica Cosplay on Philippine Cosplay Community.

Aeonica in the Philippines

Last year, Michael, better known as Aeonica Cosplay flew from Ohio, United States to experience what its like Cosplaying in Manila so he started an online poll in his fan page on which country and convention he should go to.

Overwhelmed by his Filipino Fans later on he found himself lost in Cosplay Matsuri 2019.

Michael, was a total standout and was not really that hard to find in the convention.

Courtesy: Dexter Cruz Facebook
Cosplay Matsuri 2019

Towering at above 6-feet tall in height cosplaying as a character from the anime Love Live!  wearing his bright wigs and colorful costume most con-goers cannot help but feel happy and take a selfie with him just for fun. He walks around the convention holding his cellphone - live on facebook, updating his fans while wearing a big smile on his face paired with a warmth that matches that of a Filipino.

Wherever he goes, he just brings smile to everyone!

Courtesy: Aeonica Cosplay FB Page

Although he made everyone happy in the convention he admitted to Cosplay Diaries that he have experienced a major inconvenience after he lost his wallet from a 'baggage check' which prompted him to sell his Love Live Penlight, so he can buy a ticket to get in.

Courtesy: Aeonica Cosplay FB Page, taken December 28, 2019

The lost money was supposed to be his budget for the ticket and to buy an exclusive Jollibee Funko Pop which is one of the reason why he went to the Philippines. Luckily, a friendly con-goer named Joshe Calvez saved him and bought him a ticket to get inside.

That simple act from Filipino Fan helped him connect with his fans, and gain new ones.

'Crossdressing and Cosplay as means to make others happy'

To Aeonica, Cosplaying and Cross-dressing is meant for everyone, and cosplayers should not limit their imagination and passion to what other people will think, and it should not only be about what you feel for yourself - but what you make others feel. 

This bright and charismatic character comes from fearless self-expression and his passion to make others happy. In his cosplay card it says "Never stop shining, Never stop living, Never stop loving" that truly reflects the essence of his beliefs in what cosplaying really is. 

But despite looking always positive in life and in conventions, Aeonica admitted that he used to feel scared of cosplaying out of self-doubt and fear of judgments. It was until he tried and wore the masks and costumes that made him feel happier and accepted.

"My secret "evil" plan is to build people's confidence in their real lives!" Aeonica Cosplay said.

Aeonica will also be back in the Philippines to experience Cosplaying again in the country, if conventions will be allowed by then.

Watch the video below to know the full story of Aeonica:

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