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Filipino Star Wars Cosplayers Recognized by Mark Hamil in Star Wars Tribute to Frontliners

We would like to say that we are very proud that 2 Filipino cosplayers who are in the front lines of the battle against COVID-19 had been recognized.  Mark Hamil himself made the video tribute and 2 of our very own cosplayers, DRANZER DICE, and EDHEL TRIPON were included.

Dranzer Dice was personally known by me since he had been a participant and a winner in major cosplay competitions.  His cosplay characters had been made into perfection.  It is elating to see his name in this video.

Both Edhel and Dranzer just shows the undeniable fact that cosplayers are also individuals with a contribution to our country.  They are mature and good people unlike the still existing discrimination thrown at them.

Dranzer Dice definitely felt the chill and this gave him a much needed boost to continue the battle.

We are all proud of you be if you are a cosplayer or not.  Front liners are the heart of this battle and we should do our part by staying at home.

May the Force Be With us all.

Reference: GMA News Online


David Shen D'Angelo

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