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Junji Ito: The Man Behind the Popular Horror Manga

Japan has been popularly known for their anime and manga. Most especially for their manga, they offer manga readers a wide collection of various genre: from slice of life, drama, action, adventure to horror/ gore manga. When it comes to horror manga, it takes a lot of wide imagination to create something unique and weird to catch the attention of the readers. 

15 Terrifying Junji Ito Stories You Shouldn't Read In The Dark

Have you ever encounter this kind of illustrations online? If yes, then your are definitely curious and amaze who made this unique creations that has been popular online. 

This illustrations are originally from the manga created by Junji Ito. He is a mangaka artist in Japan and popularly known for his "horror" and "gore" theme manga. Ito's stories are mostly about ghost, humans that turns to a monster, and other creepiest and supernatural phenomenon. 

Some of his popular works is Tomie, a series chronicling an immortal girl drives her admirers to become obsessed. Uzumaki, a three-volume series about a town obsessed with spirals, Junji Ito's Cat Diary: Yon & Mu, a self-parody about him and his wife living in a house with two unique cats. Some of his works has been adapted to anime and live-action.

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