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Voltes V Remake on GMA 7 Reaction

What is your reaction about the Voltes V Remake on GMA 7?  Have you seen the trailer yet?

Voltes V Legacy Trailer Reaction

There are various reactions to the GMA 7 Voltes V remake trailer.  I have seen some and there are also some negative comments as well.  As a fan of Voltes V, I am really happy to see this remake and with TOEI as part of the production, I would say that indeed this is promising.

I do not see anything wrong with how the robot is rendered nor with the design.  I also believe that the production here will be different since it requires a lot of work before being aired.

GMA 7 Voltes V Cast

In 2018, we had published an article, "GMA 7 to Make Voltes V Philippine Version?"  In that article we have already named some speculation as to the cast of the GMA 7 Voltes V.  Will it be true or not?

Here are some of the cast we had surfaced in that article:

  • Ruru Madrid - Steve Armstrong
  • Raymond Bagatsing - Dr. Hook
  • Pen Medina - Gen. Oslack
  • Roi Vinzon - Emperor Zu Zanbajil
  • Mark Reyes - Director
 Who else do you want to see in the Voltes V Legacy?

Share your comments below.


David Shen D'Angelo

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