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New Animes on GMA 7

New Animes are coming to GMA 7 this 2020.  TOEI Animation Studios, which also houses an anime production in the Philippines has announced that they will be providing new anime and episodes of their anime via GMA 7.

Anime Revival on GMA 7

GMA 7 seems to be focusing anew on anime this 2020.  As part of the network's 70th Anniversary, they are set to air new anime mostly from TOIE Animation.

Initial reports indicate that among the new anime on GMA 7 are One Piece, Toriko and Dragon Ball Super.  The anime may be dubbed in Filipino and there is also a closed-caption feature (CC). Closed-Caption Feature is for the benefit of deaf viewers and can be enabled on any Digital TV devices.

Dragon Ball Super

The famous sequel to Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Super starts airing January 6 from Monday to Friday, 8:25AM.  It will also be airing Weekends on Saturday, 9:15AM and Sunday at 7:50PM.

Toriko and One Piece

Toriko and One Piece had been airing on GMA 7 previously.  This time however it will be all-new episodes for both series.  According to reports GMA 7 will air Toriko from where it left off and also One Piece episodes 521 - 626.

TOEI Co. Ltd is handling the airing license of the three series while Telesuccess will be handling the distribution and dubbing.

What other animes would you like to see on GMA 7?  Share it with us.


David Shen D'Angelo

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