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New Voltes V Legacy Teaser and Initial Feedback

Have you watched the new teaser for Voltes V Legacy of GMA 7? What do you think about it? The latest teaser was released on January 14. Here are some of my initial reactions to it.

Voltes V Legacy Anticipation

For one, I am truly anticipating this show and might actually be forced to buy an Afforda Box and watch TV for the first time since 2012.  I have no TV connection at home because I commonly watch the news online and series/movies via Netflix.

The initial trailer of Voltes V Legacy released in 2019 showcased a glimpse of what we are avout to expect showing as well Prince Zardos' back.

Voltes V Legacy New Trailer and Feedback

I was surprised to see on my news feed an update of Voltes V Legacy.  I was not expecting any at this time due to the pandemic.  Let us show you the newest teaser trailer.

Upon watching the trailer here is what I can say:

  • The animation looks pretty good and I got goosebumps watching it.
  • The sound and the sequence was pretty good as well.
  • It makes you pray and hope that the actual show will really be like this.

These is a very short teaser trailer and only reveals the robot, Camp Big Falcon and the face of who appears to be Steve.

Release Date and Cast of Voltes V Legacy

As for the actual release date and the cast of the series, we do not have any information yet.  Direk Mark Reyes in his IG account teased on a post about the cast.  This post however did not reveal any vital information as to who they are.


In a previous article we have, we hinted on some of the Voltes V Legacy cast.  Will it hold true?  What do you think?


David Shen D'Angelo

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