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Cosplay Matsuri 2019, It Gets Better and Better

Many days have passed, and it is now 2020, but the warmth and excitement remain after Cosplay Matsuri 2019.

Cosplay Matsuri 2019 was another successful and great year-ender event. Jam-packed with great art, booths, contests, special attractions, and featured the numerous classic highlights of CosMatsuri, such as the Torii gate and bridge (which were covered in snow this year!), contests, and many more. Attendees flocked to the event early, and many people were already in line as soon as the doors to the SMX opened!

The first thing to greet eager attendees was the Pokemon Sword and Shield booth where various merchandise could be found, and where the Pokemon Sword and Shield tournament were held. Behind that laid the multitude of booths beaconing people further into the event halls for them to discover the artists' tables and the RapidShots 360 booth.

Speaking of Pokemon...there was even a Pokemon parade!

Only caught a glimpse!

Our favorite CosMatsuri highlight, the Cosplay Diorama, had a fun twist in 2019 and it was in the form of a life-sized Nezuko box!  Surely it has become an unforgettable sight ingrained in the memories of Kimetsu no Yaiba fans and cosplay/anime enthusiasts alike who were able to see it in person. I, myself, made sure to have a photo inside of it. Who could pass on the opportunity?

You won't always find Nezuko inside!

The Sumo Skirmish and Charms Wall weren't to be missed either! Did you get a chance to make your own wish?

There were fun interactive activities on stage such as Ano Na Wa (That Name Is...), Cosplay Auction, a special new game called Poll Patrol, and of course the contests Anisong It, Dokuen Cosplay Contest, and the Doujin Group Cosplay Contest.

Check out these performances!

Contestants of the daily Anisong competition belted their hearts out to anime songs of their choice. Wowing and engaging the crowd in a variety of ways. Some even bringing out the feelings of nostalgia as they sang to classic anime OSTs.

The Dokuen Cosplay Contest this year had many strong contenders, each of them giving a performance that was exciting and beguiling to watch. Several contestants catered to the theme of the Dokuen Contest by adapting their costumes and performances with a traditional Japanese flair, whilst others simply performed as the characters they were cosplaying.

Awarding of Anisong and Dokuen Cosplay Contest on Day 2.

A full plate of hearty entertainment was delivered to the audience in the Doujin Group Cosplay Contest as the contestants presented the fruits of their imaginations with their doujin skits. I and my group had the chance to be one of those very contestants. It was a fun, exhilarating, and brought new challenges that made this a whole new experience for all us as contestants.

My group LastMinutePH awarded as Doujin Cosplay Runner Up.
The talented D'Slayer awarded as Best Doujin Group.

However, none of these stage activities could score themselves! The panel of judges featured personalities such as Rica Ortiz CosplayKat Langomez, Miji Celebre, Kamille Chavez, Gibs Sagun, Riah De Jesus, with special guest Olivie, a popular Hong Kong based, long-time cosplayer. 

This year's event schedule just happened to fall upon the weekend for the first and second days, but that didn't stop the torrent of people on day three! As compared to previous years, the attendance of congoers seems to have skyrocketed it was then stated on the official Cosplay Matsuri Facebook page that the event had over a whopping 17,000 attendees. A record-breaker for the event, and a true testament to its quality and rising popularity.

Can you guess what day this was?

Cosplay events are no easy feat, especially one that grows every year. The effectiveness of the staff in the face of such pressure is commendable and this is not said lightly as I experienced first hand their adherence to schedule, and the care put into informing and reminding contestants of their call times.

Cosplay.ph, the organizer behind the event also announced the launch of the new CosplayMania.com. The website now features the ability to create accounts for fans, cosplayers and photographers alike, to inspire and connect with others!

I have been a regular attendee of Cosplay Matsuri since its first year and have seen it grow. It's a great event to reunite with friends, for meeting new ones, and to continue the holiday spirit from Christmas straight into the New Year.

So, do you think you'll be attending this annual year-end event this coming December 2020? Comment and let us know!


Kimi Han
Facebook: Kimi Han
Instagram: KimiTheAlien | LastMinutePH
Twitter: LastMinutePH

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