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There's Akosi Dogie in All of Us

The issue about anime outfits no longer allowing anime films to be shown in the Philippines is a trending topic and a hot issue in the Philippines.  It all started when popular streamer and gamer Akosi Dogie allegedly showed in one of his streams a captured scene of One Piece movie in a cinema.

After the issue gets out of hand, it is said that Akosi Dogie was being asked to pay an amount of Php750,000 plus could be facing imprisonment as well.  What was your reaction to this?  Meanwhile here is mine...

The Issue on Piracy

The title of this article reads, "There's Akosi Dogie in All of Us," because that is the truth.  Let me ask you some questions:

  • Where do you watch your favorite anime?
  • Do you always go to the movies to watch anime movies or live action?
If you say streaming sites like kissanime or gogoanime and say "No" to the second question then you are in fact the same as  "Akosi Dogie."  You are also pirating anime films.

I do not know if Akosi Dogie paid for the movie but if he does then he is better since at least he pays something for the anime.  How long was the clip that he shown on his stream?  Was it substantial?  For what purpose did he show it?  Was it to promote the anime or was it for a quick review?

Filming of any form inside the cinema is bad but as always a law should also be interpreted as to its intent.  What is the intention of the person who had done such and what is the intention of the law?

My Reaction to Akosi Dogie's Piracy Issue

I condemn what he did and he should not have done it.  As an influencer and someone who is being looked up to in the community he should have respected the law.  Whatever the decision of lawful authorities then he has no choice but to abide by it.

As for people condemning and bashing Akosi Dogie, I cannot blame them but let us also ask ourselves, are we not guilty of piracy ourselves?  Do we watch movies, tv shows and anime on legitimate sites and inside movie theaters?

Piracy is not confinded to cinemas.

Akosi Dogie Explanation Video

I am also sharing the explanation video of Akosi Dogie below.

Would love to hear your comments and views on this issue.  Just add your comment below.


David Shen D'Angelo

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