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Collecticon 2019, Day 2: A Collector's Dream Convention

Collecticon 2019's Day 2 was a surprising spectacle. It was a melting pot of, foremost, collectors of all sorts -- from the avid anime figure, to the model kit veteran, and the merch connoisseur -- the awesome cosplayers, and to my surprise, K-Pop fans who almost took over the main activity area.

The main reason is the inclusion of the K-Pop dance cover competition, which consist of participants dancing along to popular tunes. The competition is entirely noticeable wherever you go inside the event proper due to fan's loud chanting and crowd sing-alongs.  It definitely makes the event more enjoyable, surprisingly! Overall, their cheerful demeanor that emanated inside the Hall gave a big boost to the convention vibe.

The next noticeable section of the convention is the Triple Chain collaboration event. Triple Chain is a hero-collector mobile game with lots of puzzle and RPG elements. The gameplay is interesting (given that this was also my first hero collector game), and the anime-styled hero artworks looked gorgeous. They offered in-game and physical freebies for those who signed up on their booth as well.

Now for the main bulk of the event, I had a lot of time checking out lots of booths and stores that offer cool collectibles. From gunplas, to anime figures/figurines, vehicle toys, and even Transformers figures, there's no shortage of collector goods for everyone.
It also showcased other collectibles as well, from kinds of merchandise, video games, trading cards, and even tools for your hobby needs!

In general, Collecticon 2019 was a blast, serving every kind of collector's needs, with some surprising finds and memorable experiences for everyone.

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