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World Cosplay Summit Philippines (WCS) Strips Team Sekai of WCS 2018 Title

 World Cosplay Summit (WCS) Philippines, in a statement posted on their Facebook page, announced that they are stripping the WCS 2018 Team Philippines of their title due to conflict of interest.  This is apparently Team Sekai, that is composed of cosplayers Sergio Sta. Ana from Metro Manila and Kai Raito from Bacolod.  What happened?  Why the sudden announcement?

World Cosplay Summit (WCS) Philippines Announcement

The announcement was published July 20, 2019, and except for the reason of "conflict of interest" there was no other reason provided.


First of all, we would like to thank everyone for supporting WCS Philippines. We really do appreciate all the love and support that you gave to each of our Team Philippines Representatives (Alumni) since 2013 up to the present.

Due to the current situation, we are saddened to announce that due to the course of actions made by the team arising to conflict of interest, the WCS 2018 Team Philippines Representative will be stripped off from their title.

As a resolve (result and solution), World Cosplay Summit Philippines decides the following;

1.) 2019 existing finalist are invited to join and compete again in 2020 WCSPH Nationals.
*Team Phoenix (NCR), Team Twin Star (NCR), Team Kaizoku Saisei (Western Visayas), Team Full House (Mindanao)
and WILD CARD: Team Zero (Central Visayas)

2.) Invited finalist is given 3 months to decide whether they will join or not.

3.) Once the team had decided not to join, they will be removed from the finalist competing for WCSPH 2020.

4.) If the team decided to compete, they can use either their previous character and costume or change and select new series and characters of their own choice.
(provided that they must send new craftsmanship report 2 months before the WCSPH 2020 Nationals.

NOTE: Judging result for 2019 Team Philippines representative will not be affected in respect to the judges hence, the existing 2019 Team Philippines winners are still the representative.

We humbly ask for public apology.

Thank you so much for still supporting World Cosplay Summit Philippines

What Merits the Disqualification of Team Sekai?

Since there are no details as to why Team Sekai is disqualified, except for a statement that "one" of its representative apparently violated some rules and had a conflict of interest, some people are asking questions.

Also, the judging of WCS PH 2019 was affected because it seems the disqualification has a retroactive effect that makes Team Sekai appear as if they had never been a representative after all.

I am not familiar with the exact rules of the World Cosplay Summit (WCS), but in my personal opinion the validity of the stripping of the title should only take effect starting from the time the offense was made.  Since the offense seems to have been made after the judging of WCS PH 2019, then their judging at that time should have remained valid.

What do you think of this latest news?  Share us your views and feedback.

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