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Who Burned Kyoto Animation Studio?

As the Kyoto Animation studio was on fire several women jumped from the building’s second floor. They were so badly burned that blood was coming from their noses, and all of their clothes but their underwear were gone.

This was how an 81-year-old Ken Okumura remembers, as he recalls the incident of the apparent arson of the animation studio.  Who was the person behind the burning of Kyoto Animation Studio?

An Apparent Revenge?

I set the fire because they stole novels.

According to initial reports, the arsonist, identified as Shinji Aoba claimed that Kyoto Animation Studio stole a novel from him.  It was this grudge that seems to have apparently made him pour about 20 liters of gasoline in the building and set it ablaze.

Witnesses say that as Mr. Aoba set the fire he was heard shouting: "Die!"  He is currently being treated for severe burns.  Reports also revealed that he had served time in prison for robbery and that he was being treated for an unspecified mental illness. The report, which cited an unidentified source, said he lived in the city of Saitama, near Tokyo.

As of this writing the suspect is still apparently unconscious and no concrete statement is available.

List of Kyoto Animation Fire Victims Being Withheld

It also seems that due to the impact of the fire on the animation titles of Kyoto Animation, the names of the 33 dead are still being withheld publicly.  It is not known whether some of the key animators behind the studio's series were harmed during the incident.

We are just hoping that this fire will not severely affect their titles but most importantly we send our sympathy to everyone affected by this terrible tragedy.

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