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Where to Find Anime Toy Figures and Collectibles

Are you looking for ANIME TOY FIGURES and ANIME COLLECTIBLE ITEMS?  If you are, then we will be sharing one of the places where you can find them at an affordable cost.  Mind you, they are affordable and of very high quality as well.

Where to Find Anime Toy Figures and Collectibles?

You can easily find anime toy figures and collectibles at Anime Conventions and Expos, and for sure there are tons of discounted items there.  The thing, however, is that we found someone who sells them at a cost which is affordable to newbie collectors like me.

Let us introduce you to ADRIANO's GIFT SHOP.  These guys are truly awesome.  Imagine buying a rare collectible at the price range of Php700 (US$14) to Php1,500 (US$30).  Who are they? Well, watch the video below to know more about them.

Adriano's Gift Shop Toy Unboxing

I purchased many of my current anime toy figures and anime collectibles from Adriano's Gift Shop and they are truly awesome.  One of my precious collection is the Majin Buu Dragon Ball figure which I got for only Php1,400 (US$28).

Since I cosplay Mr. Satan or Master Pogi from Dragon Ball, I am really an avid fan of Dragon Ball toys.  In the next video, I unboxed another anime collectible from them which is the Son Gokou figure.  I even cosplayed Mr. Satan during the unboxing.

Where to Find Adriano's Gift Shop

Adriano's Gift Shop has two branches which I know of, Balagtas and Baliwag in Bulacan.  I think they opened up a third branch in Metro Manila already. Check out their Facebook page for details.

Besides the branches, you can also message Mr. Cesar Nocum or visit them during events and conventions.  I am sure that you will love what they have to offer.

Have you purchased an item from them already?  Share us your feedback, unboxing video or even photo in the comment section below.  Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Facebook.

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