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APCC 2019 Cancelled

It has been a long time we saw any update on what AsiaPop Comic Con 2019 will be all about.  Their page was silent and there was no announcement unlike previous years.  Now, we hate to say it loud but it was confirmed that APCC 2019 is cancelled.

According to a blog post by The Fanboy SEO via an e-mail from artist Mico Suayan confirming the cancellation of AsiaPop Comic Con 2019.

From original post at Fanboy SEO

APCC Official Announcement

We have received an official email from APCC 2019 organizers confirming that the event is postponed until next year.

There is also an official announcement already at the AsiaPop Comic Con Manila Facebook Page.

What are your thoughts about this?  Seems like everyone is affected by the current big moves in key players in Hollywood or was it due to other things?

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