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Japanese Virtual Singer - Virtual YouTuber AZKi

Japanese Virtual Singer - Virtual YouTuber AZKi releases rock & emotional song Fake.Fake.Fake and emotional & sentimental J-POP song Inochi(いのち) by digital release!

Fake.Fake.Fake was written by Keita Tanaka (田仲圭太) of Music Creator Team SCRAMBLES(they produced Japanese Idols song(like BiSH, BiS, GANG PARADE, Shiina Hikari, Yume Miru Adolescence, Takoyaki Rainbow, etc…)

Minato Aqua was selected as Fake.Fake.Fake album artwork & Music Video actress!She is a Japanese YouTuber who belongs to Virtual YouTuber Management section Hololive(ホロライブ).

In the near future, the Music video will be released.  Minato Aqua’s YouTube subscribers are over 78,000 / Twitter followers are over 72,000 / Chinese Movie Platform「bilibili」 subscribers are over 250,000.

Inochi(いのち) was written by Wataru Sena(瀬名航) of Japanese Vocaloid & Idol Song Producer. It is an emotional & sentimental J-POP song including piano & strings sound and AZKi’s emotional singing.

In the past, Mr.Sena produced AZKi’s Song Real Melancholy(リアルメランコリー) and he also produced VTuber Tokinosora’s song, Japanese Idol tipToe.’s song.

And these two songs music video have been published on YouTube.

First Solo Concert for AZKi

AZKi will hold her first solo & real concert "The Shitest Start #クソAZ" in Akihabara Entas on May 19 (Sunday).  You can buy tickets via Japanese digital ticket service PassMarket.

You can also see her merch list for this concert including VTUBER T-Shirts, and many more.  For tickets please visit https://passmarket.yahoo.co.jp/event/show/detail/01dux81068dmz.html.

Ticket price is set at ¥3,000 JPY (+1Drink).

About Fake.Fake.Fake

Now, AZKi plans to release a total of 12 songs, and she has released 6 songs so far (contains 「Hikari no Machi(ひかりのまち)」).  AZKi has two music styles: Rock type song「AZKi BLaCK」 / Anime・Idol・Pop type song「AZKi WHiTE」.

The song Fake.Fake.Fake contains speedy, emotional, heavy, hard factor. It’s very cool.

  • Song Name:「Fake.Fake.Fake」
  • Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement:Keita Tanaka(田仲圭太 / SCRAMBLES)
  • Digital Release Day:April 30 2019
  • DL Link:https://linkco.re/nAp3F0rm 
  • Lyrics&Official liner notes: https://note.mu/azkinote/n/n81d751532257

Music Video Credit

  • Main Actress:Minato Aqua(湊あくあ)
  • Shooting / configuration / editing:NONOLU : https://twitter.com/nonolu41
  • Choreography:HANA
  • Sing:AZKi
  • Movie Link : https://youtu.be/lGXgYHlR8ww

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