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Pinoy Otaku Festival 2019 Tickets Go on Sale

Pinoy Otaku Festival (POF) 2019: Asobu tickets are now on sale via Ticket2Me.  This is the first time that the event in its 7 seasons is selling tickets online.  It is also the first time that POF extends to a 3-day event.

POF 2019 Ticket Prices

  • 1-Day Tickets: Php110
  • 3-Day Pass: Php300
  • 3-Day VIP Pass: Php550
The tickets are all inclusive of the 10% service fee being charged by the ticketing partner of the event. You need to purchase at least 3 pcs of 1-Day ticket since it is the minimum when done online while the others have no minimum requirement.

Why Purchase POF 2019 Tickets Online

Attendees might say that why purchase tickets online when some of them are more expensive when you opt to buy them onsite during the event day.  Well, here are some reasons why buying online is better.
  • There are no 3-Day Pass and 3-Day VIP Tickets to be sold onsite.
  • There will be a special ticket line for those who buy online tickets, so no need to wait for a long time.
  • Online buyers will receive an e-ticket which will just be scanned upon their arrival at the event.
  • All online ticket buyers will enjoy perks during the event.

Buy POF 2019 Tickets Now

If you want to purchase Pinoy Otaku Festival 2019 tickets all you have to do is visit this link http://bit.ly/pof2019ticket.

The good part is that you can pay more conveniently as well since it includes 7-11, GCash, MLhuiller, EC Pay, MarterCard/Visa Debit or Credit Card, and even PayPal.  It is one of the easiest ways to buy your event tickets.

For more information about Pinoy Otaku Festival 2019, click this link, pof.narutocosplayers.com.

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