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COSPLAYER PROFILES: Mi Zhai Ong. Meet our cosplayers friend from Malaysia.  She is cosplaying because she wants to be different.  Well, honestly this is one of the biggest reason why most of you cosplay right?  Because I love cosplay because of that too.

Mi Zhai Ong and Cosplaying

Mi Zhai first cosplay was during 2010 Comic Fiesta.  It all started when she was a bit bored at a cyber cafe and she decides to google and searches for some anime picture.  She then saw some cosplayer photos and became interested to find out what cosplay is all about.

It was really a fascinating thing for her so she kept on learning about it.  This fascination led her to become a coser.

My best experience was Comic Fiesta when I cosplayed as Miku Synchronicity.  There were tons of people who want to take a selfie with me.  I cannot even move.  It was so exciting!

Some of the characters that Mi Zhai Ong already cosplayed are:
  • Megurine Luka, 
  • Vocaloid Miku
  • Vocaloid Kaito
  • Nakigistune
  • Roizen Maiden
  • Madame Red

Future Plans in Cosplay

I hope can cos all Vocaloid Luka version

She really is a very inspiring cosplayer.  In fact, while writing this I was even planning to go to Malaysia and experience cosplay in other countries.  It would be cool to really write about them here.  Mi Zhai Ong is an inspiring cosplayer.

Here is her message to fellow cosplayers:

Avoid too much drama.  Keep yourself to be happy and do not worry about what others will say to you.  Learn more skill to be the best.

Connect with Mi Zhai Ong

If you want to connect with Mi Zhai Ong you can follow or message her at Cure World Cosplay or Follow her Facebook page.



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