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Calling Philippine Anime Convention Attendees

We decided to help out some students with a very interesting thesis in order for them to graduate and I hope as one in this fandom, you would help them too. We are "Calling Philippine Anime Convention Attendees!" to be survey respondents for a thesis about the geography of anime conventions.  Read on below...

Philippine Anime Conventions: A Geographic Take on People’s Narratives and Experiences in Fandoms

Good Day! We are Christian Bautista and Angelo Valeriano, 4th Year BS Geography students from the University of the Philippines - Diliman, currently taking Geography 199 (Seminar/Thesis) under Ms. Mylene De Guzman and Mr. Marion Micah Tinio. Our study aims to reveal the geographic phenomena within the walls of anime conventions, as well as the narratives of the participants themselves. Information gathered from this survey will be strictly confidential and will be only used for this research.

Seems like anime conventions is really mainstream now and is already part of various thesis and dissertations.

Without further ado here is the link to their survey.  Please answer and let us help them. 

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