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Nominate for Otaku Choice Awards 2019

Now is your time to shine and select your favorite Otaku shows, cosplayer and more because OTAKU CHOICE AWARDS 2019 is finally here.  After being inactive for 2 years the first award-giving recognition for the community is back and let us support it.

What is Otaku Choice Awards?

OTAKU CHOICE AWARDS 2019 is a way to give recognition to anything and everything that made our Otalu life worthwhile and meaningful in 2016.  All nominees should have performed well and had happened from January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018.

All winners for the Otaku Choice Awards will be determined using the votes cast online and cast offline if there will be any.  Awarding for OCA 2019 will be announced later.

There are two category types - "General Awards Nomination" and "Specific Awards Nomination."

General Awards are for your favorite shows, bands, and others while Specific Awards are for local personalities who have contributed to the community.

Nominate for Otaku Choice Awards 2019

The following are the list of categories that you can nominate.  To Nominate please VISIT THIS OFFICIAL LINK. Remember submission is until February 28, 2019 only.

General Awards
  • Best Anime Show
  • Best Male Anime Character 
  • Best Female Anime Character 
  • Best Online Game
  • Best Game for Console
  • Best Japanese Band
  • Best Japanese Male Voice Actor/Seiyuu
  • Best Japanese Female Voice Actor/Seiyuu
  • Best Anime Movie/Adaptation

Specific Awards 
  • Best Online Media (Otaku blog and website)
  • Best Male Cosplayer (Philippines only)
  • Best Female Cosplayer  (Philippines only)
  • Best Chibi Cosplayer (Philippines only)
  • Best Cosplay Crafter/Costume Maker
  • Best Japanese-cover singer
  • Best Aidoru Group (PH idol group)
  • Best Otaku Organization
  • Best Major Event
  • Best Non-Major Event
  • Best Photography/Photographer 
  • Best Event Organizer
  • Best Event Venue
Your voice matters!  Nominate now!

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