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I cosplay coz' I want to express what I am what I like, it feels relax to me my stress reliever in exact word everytime I do cosplay that's what I feel, I cosplay coz' this is me I achieve more in Cosplay

Cheers to another feature in COSPLAYER PROFILES - AZUMI REIGN!

She started cosplaying in 2016 and it is because of her love for anime.

I really love watching Anime's Inspired in every story

Azumi Reign as a Cosplayer

Though she just started cosplaying 2 years ago, her accolades of cosplayed characters are several already.  Characters that she cosplayed includes:

  • Luka Megurine
  • Harley Quinn
  • Aiz Wallenstein
  • Sailor Moon
  • Lunafreya Nox Fleuret
  • Storm Goddess Janna
  • Ayame Tenchu Z
  • Edward Elric Genderbend
  • Miku Hatsune
  • Female Assassin Ragnarok
  • 2B
  •  Sang'gre Amihan
  • Zero Two
  • Misa Amane
  • Maka Albarn

The thing that she likes about cosplaying is the bonding moments every convention with her cosplay friends, most especially EC Family.  Being a member of Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH) is also one of her best experiences.

What's next for Azumi?

She plans to cosplay her waifu Angelise very soon.  Azumi has this to share to fellow cosplayers.

To my fellow Cosplayers stop being toxic instead help our community to be the best cosplay community in the world


We are also encouraging other cosplayers to submit and be part of Cosplayer Profiles.

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