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Introducing another entry to our COSPLAYER PROFILES - CHARIE BAGOTSAY.  She started cosplaying in 2015 in which she cosplayed as Hanjie Zoe from Attack On Titan (Shingeki No Kyojin).

Get to Know More About Charie

Charie cosplays for 4 main reasons:

  1. to be the living version of the character I love.
  2. to play 
  3. to be the character itself
  4. to showcase my talent in terms of making costume and character portrayal.

What inspired me to cosplay is my initiative to be the character, and the advice of my friend that if I'm going to cosplay, make sure that character has similarities with me :)

Here are some of the characters which she had cosplayed:
  • Hanji Zoe [Attack On Titan/2015]
  • Astolfo [Fate/Grand Order/2016]
  • Heather Mason [Silent Hill/2017]
  • Konan [Naruto/2017]
  • Female Blademaster Astalos [Monster Hunter/2017]
  • Freya [Mobile Legends/2018]

When asked about her experience in cosplay, he enjoys the following:
  • to have a picture-taking moment with the con-goers who are amazed at my cosplay, with fellow cosplayers too that I find their cosplays amazing.
  • to be able to join in competitions, and win.
  • to be able to bond with my friends whom I met because of cosplay
  • to bond with my fiance

What's Next for Charie in Cosplay?

My plan when it comes to cosplaying is to pursue myself in bringing the hidden "very best" of me in terms of physical and personality aspect, to master my skills in craftsmanship and continue to be a role model to other cosplayers who always feel down when they get bashed for their looks. Outside cosplay plan is to be able to give back to my parents while preparing to settle down with my fiance :)

Finally, we ask her for a message to fellow cosplayers and here is what she has to say.

To my fellow cosplayers, just continue the art that you've started doing. Be the character you love. Keep your heads up whenever the world is making you bow and be an inspiration to your friends, family, and other people that you get to know and encounter.

Connect with Charie through her Facebook Account: https://www.facebook.com/IceAndOut

We are also encouraging other cosplayers to submit and be part of Cosplayer Profiles.

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