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The Pedo King Returns?

I can't remember where we post that but I remember way back that there was a warning regarding a cosplayer who cosplays a character from adventure time and was dubbed as "THE PEDO KING."  It seems that this same cosplayer - con goer - photographer has returned.

What is the issue with "The Pedo King?"

We came across the post of veteran cosplayer Rb Cheng and noticed an issue about a con goer.  According to the post, this person is harassing girl cosplayers and there were various rants and complaints about him.  However, due to a backlash and victim blaming those who are harassed will eventually keep silent and delete their posts.

I did notice this cosplayer during conventions and I can't help but notice how he take photos of loli cosplayers and event the shots are sometimes awkward.  Perhaps most of those who are regular convention goers will know who this person is.

Is this Convention Attendee really a pervert?

If the complaints are true then something should be done about this person.  If you or your friend are one of the victims then better report to the authorities.  If you feel that you are being harassed during a convention, then immediately report to any of the staff, the guard or the organizing team.

Harassment during convention and events is not a good thing.  People should not blame victims of such behavior and blame it on them.  A person may really be good most of the time but sometimes he has actions that are really uncalled for.

I am advising victims to really report this to the authorities rather than result to social media and rants because most of the time it will not end of good.

What do you think of The Pedo King?

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