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Rozen Maiden - Shinku
Cosplay by Lucrecia | Photo by Valery Tanuki
Our next COSPLAYER PROFILES feature is inspired at the beginning with the works of Astarahime and Yaya Han. Meet LUCRESIA a cosplayer and a cosplay photographer from Russia.

Introducing Lucrecia

All the costume and props are made by me
Cosplayer - Lucrecia  | Photo by Oksana Mokrushina
Final Fantasy X - Yuna
Lucresia had been doing cosplay for about 5 years.  She is also into photography for 2 years.  Besides that, she also likes to sew and craft her own costumes.

I’m a big fan of photo-shooting. I try to do good costume and great shots!

Age: 25

Why do you cosplay?

Because it is fun and i like sewing

When did you start cosplaying?

At 2007

What inspired you to cosplay?

Better to say who, in the beginning, i was in love with the works of Astarahime and Yaya Han.

Lucrecia as Silvaria Bles | Photo by Oksana Mokrushina

Lucreasia and her passion for Cosplay

Fandom: Game of thrones | Character: Daenerys Targaryen
Cosplayer: Lucrecia | Photo by Ekaterina Aleshinskaya
Country: Russia, Turkey
What characters have you cosplayed?

A lot of.

What is your best experience in cosplaying?

The best one is the opportunity to go to conventions and take part  in photo sessions

 Any future plans or dream?

To make more Sakizou cosplay

What is your message to other cosplayers?

Be brave and don't be afraid of challenges!

Please follow and be updated about Lucresia through her digital platforms at the following links::

  • https://www.facebook.com/lucreciacosplay/
  • https://vk.com/lucreciacosplay
  • http://lucreciaborja.deviantart.com/
  • http://ask.fm/Lucrecia_Borja
  • http://worldcosplay.net/member/3421

We are also encouraging other cosplayers to submit and be part of Cosplayer Profiles.

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