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Meet DREY DEL ROSARIO a.k.a Hiroelle - Chii, a cosplayer who likes to have fun, make friends, be more creative and share happiness and enjoying the anime world!  At first, I thought that this person is "he" because of the name but it turns out it's a she.

Keep on pursuing cosplay! And build a cosplay themed cafe

Wow, that was an awesome plan for someone who just started cosplaying in 2015.  For sure most of us would love to see and visit a cosplay themed cafe right?

Hiroelle-Chii really loves cosplay and among the character, she cosplayed include many modules or versions of Miku Hatsune, Yuzu Aihara, and Sora Kasugano among others.

Drey's Future Plans in Cosplay

I also do run a small business on Facebook in which I'm offering MADE-TO-ORDER costume for cosplayers.

You can visit her shop through THIS LINK.

 For sure you will love to meet and be friends with Drey.  As for his message to fellow cosplayers, here it goes,

Nobody's perfect, don't worry for judgement, just be yourself, and love the character you are portraying. 

Nice to meet you Hiroelle-Chii and hope to see you in the next conventions and events. Like on Hiroelle-Chii Facebook!

We are also encouraging other cosplayers to submit and be part of Cosplayer Profiles.

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