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10 Signs That You’re No Longer an Otaku

If you’re an anime fan, a majority are never afraid to express that love whether if it’s in conventions, with their peers, and so on. However, as an old saying goes “Nothing lasts forever”—even your love for anime and anything otaku are not excluded to this reality.

Japanese Twitter user @mitragyna posted on Saturday a 10-level list that indicated that you may be losing your passion for being an otaku, or maybe you’re no longer one.

Level 1: You stop going to otaku-oriented events

Remember you're excited when there to a convention.  But now going to anime gatherings or conventions no longer excite you like before? Then you’re here.

Level 2: Your video game backlog starts piling up

That moment when your friends are now playing the latest games and you’re still stuck with that one game that you’ve bought a couple of months ago. Sometimes, even the upcoming and recent games don’t really get you hyped.

Level 3: Your light novel backlog starts piling up

 “I’m going to start reading the Haruhi novels.” – You a couple of years ago.

Level 4: Your manga backlog starts piling up

A friend suggests you a manga to read. Fast forward, it’s been more than a year and you haven’t started reading it. What now?

Level 5: You stop keeping up with new anime series

 Haven’t watched or finished Darling in the Franxx, Goblin Slayer, or even My Hero Academia?

Level 6: You stop keeping up with anime series you were already watching

Dropping and on holding anime series like there’s no tomorrow.

Level 7: You stop keeping up with seasonal events for mobile/browser games.

You rather spend more time abusing your gacha luck to get that rare SSR!

Level 8: Your stop keeping up with otaku news in your social media timelines

 Even the latest new season announcements just feel so-so to you.

Level 9: Whenever you talk about otaku stuff, you’re talking about the past

That particular moment when you can only talk about ’90s anime like Sailor Moon, Dragon ball z or 2000s anime like Inuyasha, Ghost Fighter (Yu Yu Hakusho), and Fushigi Yuugi.

Level 10: You’re no longer an otaku

The last level. Nothing doesn’t hype you anymore. Not one bit.

Although this would change depending on your country or what’s trending in the otaku world, losing interest in something is inevitable. While you’re still in that stage of loving anime and its related subcultures, just enjoy every minute or second of it. You will never know until the light fades and you will only leave with regrets later on for not living your anime-loving life to the fullest.

Source:  SoraNews24

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