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What's wrong with this Toguro Cosplay?

A photo of a person in Toguro cosplay had been circling around our Facebook newsfeed for quite some time.  Fellow cosplayers are raving that the cosplay is on point because apparently the cosplayer was being bashed because his cosplay is not on point.  Was it on point or not?  What's wrong with his Toguro cosplay?

Toguro Cosplay and Character Comparison

Here are some shots of Toguro during his first reveal in the anime Yu Yu Hakusho.  Reality is that he is not actually buff as you may think because he started as a slim dude with a pointed face.  If you will look at the photos below you can actually say that the cosplay in this topic is almost on point and very accurate.  The hardest part of Toguro is his pointed chin which was accurately portrayed and copied by the cosplayers.

The Toguro being cosplayed here is the one which first appeared on the anime.  If you will remember he is not that buffed when not in his fighting stance.  He only becomes big as he increased his power up to 100%,

Why did people bash the Taguro cosplay?

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Let us see the origination of this post and carefully examine why the bash.

The first time I read the caption, I was really shocked and wondered why the caption.  Upon reading this, the page itself may have unknowingly invited such a commentary.  The page said, "tatlong ubo na lang," meaning the cosplayer is so thin that he looks very sick.  They even referenced Vic Sotto another thin personality, which also insinuates that he does not look like Toguro but more like Vic Sotto and in fact Arnold (with the hard spelled surname).

Was it their real intention to do that or was there a reason for it?


[Read: Onigiri Wasabi Reacts to Taguro Cosplay Article]

The admin and owner of the page, Onigiri Wasabi reached out to us and sent a message regarding the article and the connotation that we had regarding the post and what the caption means.

First, the truth is the page and the photographer-admin did not intend to mock the subject of the shoot nor the cosplay.  The caption was made in fact as a way to mock the possible bullies and people who will comment negatively to the image.

All the context in the said picture was done in mockery to the real bullies and post made to the group. The tatlong ubo, the vic sotto, are all comment that have been made by netizens and there are even more worst that the said example. - Onigiri Wasabi
It seems that what we fail to see is that after receiving negative feedback, the page and the cosplayers involve decided to just laugh it off and create a mockery and sarcasm caption about the cosplay.  Although, personally I would be more relieved if all those bullies will be corrected that this cosplay is really awesome plus the shot is really good.

Second me and the people involve in shoot are aware of the feed backs of the netizens, and instead of being saddened by said feedback choose to make fun of the whole matter since we know where we stand and what we have, we had fun and we didnt make affect us. And even all the other cosplayers involve made joke of these in thier posts and in thier replies. - Onigiri Wasabi

CONCLUSION: The page and the photographer are not bullying the Toguro cosplayer here. It was indeed sarcasm to the bullies. The same photo received negative comments and tirades before and the page decided to just laugh it off through a sarcasm in the caption.

Lesson to be Learned

So what is the lesson learned here?

First, for pages and photographers to carefully select their caption because people will react on the caption.  Most people like to think and see things literally so if you appear to mock a photo or something they would see it like that.  Let us perhaps avoid feeding bullies and no matter what they think uphold what we think and let them see that. The cosplay was really good and the photography was awesome and it should remain like that.  Let us not go to the level of those who do not understand what we do in the cosplay community.

Second would be a self-learning that not everything posted on the caption appears as they are,  I apologize if this post causes any negative harm to the page or the photographer.  It was never our intention since we only analyze what we saw and how we understand it.

Our first assumption regarding the photographer bullying his own subject WAS WRONG, well, we had been a victim of sarcasm that we did not see.  It could have been better if there were quotation marks though so that we know it was a derivative. We do not want to create a bad image to otherwise good people and this is nothing personal but an objective discussion of the post and the cosplay.  Nothing personal.

Just saying... peace...

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