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Onigiri Wasabi Reacts to Taguro Cosplay Article

After our article "What's Wrong with this Toguro Cosplay," we received a message from the admin and owner of the page, Onigiri Wasabi.  It seems that we had something that was not included in how we saw the post and the way it was highlighted on the page.  It created a notion that the page and the photographer were mocking the subject and cosplayer BUT THE TRUTH IS THEY ARE NOT.

Sarcasm Against Toguro Bullying

We were informed by the admin that this is not the first photo nor post online of the Toguro cosplay that received a large amount of bullying.  There were other posts on various pages that also received such comments.

In order to make fun of the bullies, the page decided to create a caption that mimics them - seemingly to show that they are not affected a tiny bit.  It is a good intention and a good message to send, however, for others, this might come as another form of bullying.

People tend to see the first meaning of what is posted and will seldom realize the true intention or meaning behind the post.  This is the reason why in our first article, "What's wrong with this Toguro Cosplay?" we mistook the caption as the page or photographer bullying the cosplayer - which is apparently not true.

Part of the message sent to us.  Knowing this we immediately apologized because we really do not know that it was just a sarcasm.  We also edited the post to reflect this new information.

In fact, I became curious about this when there are multiple feeds about it on my newsfeed.  Seeing the watermark, I searched for it and the first photo I saw was that above before there was an add-on to the caption.

Awesome Cosplay and Awesome Photography


For those who had been in cosplay and know this hobby, we can all agree that this is an awesome and on pint cosplay. It is the perfect cosplay rendition of Toguro during his early appearance in the anime Yu Yu Hakusho.

If you will also see the other shots for this photoshoot project by Onigiri Wasabi Photography, you will be amazed by the quality of photos and the quality of cosplay that they are doing.  It will not be right for us not to recognize this just because of our failure to read between the lines of the post.

In Conclusion, it would always be better to remain truthful and do not feed the bullies or those who do not appreciate cosplay with the wrong information.  Uphold the good quality of your cosplay and the great awesomeness of cosplayers.  Let them rant because they are just doing that due to lack of information and appreciation.

Again great cosplay and congrats to the cosplayers and those involved in the shoot.

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