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Fusion: The Convergys Pop ComicFest 2018

Convergys, one of the country's largest contact centers will be holding its own and exclusive pop culture event for its employees this July.  The event is entitled Fusion: The Convergys Pop ComicFest 2018 and will be on July 14 at the Circuit Makati.

 Exclusive Pop Culture Event

Knowing that Convergys has thousands of employees this event will surely be jampacked.  Like regular conventions in the Philippines, the event will have its own competitions including cosplay, video making and even singing.

Some of the competition are as follows:

To register for the Anime Music Video Competition follow the link or scan the QR code for more details: https://tinyurl.com/amvmechanics.

To register for the Cosplay Showdown follow the link or scan the QR code!

To register for the Band Battle  follow the link or scan the QR code! https://tinyurl.com/fusionbandbattle.

Register now for Fusion: The Convergys Pop ComicFest 2018

All employees of Convergys are invited to join.  The event mixes ComicCon and MusicFest together for an awesome, one of a kind event that you shouldn't miss.  Remember that it will happen on July 14 starting at 3PM at Circuit Events Grounds.

If you are working at Convergys then register by following the link or scan the CODE in the registration photo - https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/FusionComicFest2018.

Share this event with your friends and use the following hashtags - #CVGFusion, #FusionComicfest2018, and #LifeAtConvergys.

Remember to check the FAQ below and also visit the OFFICIAL EVENT PAGE.

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