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Top 10 Reasons Why Sakura is Not Worthless

Sakura Haruno gets plenty of hate from the fans, and most of the “reasons” appear to be as a result of the fact that she doesn’t do something or she is useless/worthless. Others appear to dislike her as a result of her belittling Naruto.  That is why fans dubbed her as "worthless."

It’s true that in the early season of Naruto, Sakura wont to belittle Naruto and decide him while not knowing something regarding him & did just about little or no as a ninja, however, as the series went on she accomplished her own foolishness and begin to respect & even look up to Naruto. She trained & worked hard along with Naruto to become a better Ninja. So, here are ten reason why Sakura isn't useless:

1. While Naruto and Sasuke were unconscious, Sakura protected them, even going as so much as cutting her hair & biting Zaku Abumi (Sound Village).

2. Sakura was one of only a few Genins to note the Genjutsu casted by Kabuto throughout the Finals of the Chunin exam.

3. Sakura saved Kankuro’s life and simply created AN counterpoison to Sasori’s deadly poison, that not even the most effective medical ninjas within the Sand village were ready to build.

4.  Sakura fought Sasori together with Chiyo. They defeat Sasori, who’s aforesaid to possess taken down a country alone.

5. Sakura is kind & caring i.e. healing Naruto associated being an emotional support from time to time.

6. During The Fourth Shinobi World War, Sakura saved & healed many wounded people.

7. Also Sakura was the first to defeat & catch white Zetsu who infiltrated their ranks.

8. Sakura was ready to defeat hundreds of 10 Tails clones with one punch, Her strength was even complimented by Hashirama, the god of Shinobi.

9. Sakura was able to master Tsunde’s Byakugou that even Shizune couldn’t.

10. Sakura helped defeat a goddess like Kaguya. while not her dealing the ultimate blow, Naruto & Sasuke wouldn’t are ready to seal her away.

Do you still think Sakura is worthless?

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