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Uniqlo x Shonen Jump Shirts

Do you love Shonen Jump Mangas and Anime? If you do then you can actually show more love for them by wearing your favorite.

Uniqlo x Shonen Jump

The wait is over. Celebrate Shōnen Jump's 50th Anniversary with the Jump 50th #UT2018 collection. Get to wear your favorite manga characters proudly! The first release is available starting April 9 in all Uniqlo stores.

This is also the first ever partnership between Shonen Jump and Uniqlo and will surely be exciting for all fans.  The project is part of the 50th celebration of Shonen Jump.  For those who don't know what that is, well it is the best selling comic in Japan.

Special Events for Uniqlo x Shonen Jump

There will be special events to launch the Uniqlo x Shonen Jump shirts in various locations.  On April 13 at Uniqlo Ayala Malls Vertis North you can join the opening of the newest Uniqlo branch.  Catch your favorite Shonen Jump characters as Philippine cosplayers brings them alive.

Some of the characters that will be present include Son Gokou and Mr. Satan from Dragonball; Guy Sensei, Gaara and Uzumaku Naruto from Naruto; Gintoki and Kagura from Gintama; Amane Misa from Death Note; Koenma and Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho; Kurapika, Killua and Franklin from Hinter X Hunter; and Todoroki and Dabi from My Hero Academia.

Meanwhile, on April 14 there will also be a Digital Launching of the Uniqlo x Shonen Jump shirts at SM Megamall.  Various characters will also come alive and interact with everyone.

Shonen Jump Shirt Designs

Here are some of the designs grabbed from Uniqlo Philippines.  I just thought that they would be a bit expensive but it turns out that they are just affordable.

For more designs, you can check out

Men: https://s.uniqlo.com/2IACeWe
Boys: https://s.uniqlo.com/2IwTjjv

Also, don't forget to tell us which design you like the most.  Thanks for reading and please share this with all those who love Shonen Jump and Uniqlo.

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