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ComicCon Asia 2018 Aftermath Experience

We are honored to be one of those who had been invited to cover ComicCon Asia 2018 at SMX Convention Center, March 24-25. Aside from that I also won as Top 5 Finalist for the Anime Fabric Category in their Cosplay Match.  Let me, in this article summarize my ComicCon Asia 2018 experience.

What's Great at ComicCon Asia 2018?

  • Promotion of Local Comics.  It was the first time that I have seen such attention given to local comics in an event.  I know that there are other events like Komikon and GTMACCON but this one level up with prizes, contests, and presentation.  It is truly about time that we really nurture our own talents and showcase it to the world.
Awarding of Project X - The Search for New Pinoy Superhero.
  • Cosplay.  The Cosplay Match-Up at ComicCon Asia 2018 is a good concept.  Separating armor from fabric is truly commendable plus the prizes are also good.  This rewards the cosplayers for their effort.  Going the extra effort to ensure that music is in tune with the character being cosplayed is also a big thumbs up.
Some winners of Cosplay Match-up Challenge
  • Guests and Celebrities.  I admire the mixture of guests and celebrities from local to international.  One of those that I admire the most was Bitoy or Michael V.  His drawing skills was simply amazing.
Michael V sharing his passion for drawing
  • Hosting. I love the hosting.  The hosts were really very entertaining and professional as well.

What Needs Improvement at ComicCon Asia 2018?

  • Ticketing.  This one is perhaps the thing that should be given full attention next time.  It is the first time in a long while that I have seen such queue of people in a convention.  Having a complicated ticketing system is what made it something unbearable for some event goers.
  • Booths and Exhibitors.  Is it just me or am I missing what is supposed to be at ComicCon Asia 2018?  For me, the booths are too few and that there could have been more especially those who are selling merchandise.  Plus, there were just too many food concessionaires plus irrelevant booths - Petron Gasul for example.
  • What happened to the sectioning?  When ComicCon Asia 2018 was launched there is a plan to divide the event into various fandom sections so that Wester, Anime, Cosplay and the like will all have a place to go to.  During the actual event, this is not to be found. 
  • Event Announcements and Scheduling.  There should be a better announcement method and schedule of events.  Where are things to be held? What is happening right now? A Public Address system would be good to be in place next time.

Overall, I would say that my experience of ComicCon Asia 2018 was good.  It was not a perfect event but it was a successful one.  There are things that can be made better next time and I am already looking forward to ComicCon Asia 2019.

Congrats to all the organizers of the event.

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