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Avengers Infinity War Cosplay Fail at SM City North EDSA

There was a bit of a controversy once again as some netizens shout out that it was an AVENGERS INFINITY WAR COSPLAY FAIL at SM City North EDSA.  But was it really a costume failure?  How are we going to evaluate a cosplay in general?  Was it really cosplay fail or are the people just a perfectionist?

Netizens Reacts to the Avengers Infinity War Cosplay

A fellow cosplayer informed me that people are bashing a recent cosplay appearance of a group.  Some comments include Hawkeys was thin and had not eaten or that Starloard cosplay sucks.  This is one of the rare occurrences that things like this actually caught our attention.

Here are some of the comments we captured on the said post.

This is perhaps the thing that was really below the belt.  It is really a comment that is totally uncalled for and focuses on trying to compare the real character with the cosplayer 100% to perfection.

These comments focuses on Iron Man and why he is using an old suit.  Another one says that Starlord seems to just came from a pub and was totally drunk.

Avengers Infinity War Cosplay Personal Opinion

Here at OtakuPlay PH, we try our best to evaluate things and make sound constructive criticism on issues in the cosplay community.  Let us take a look at this controversial cosplay.

  • Overall the cosplay was awesome especially Thanos.  This is the first time that I saw a Thanos cosplay that does not look like an ape.  It was a perfect rendition of it. Ironman, Spiderman, Black Panther, Captain America were also superb in costume.
  • Hawkeye, well people say that he is just too slim for this cosplay and I would agree with them on that but bashing the cosplay because of that is not fair.  We should take note that this is just cosplay and not the real thing.
  • The Old Prophet Dr. Strange.  Well, in a sense the comment is a bit true, perhaps there was too much of the white thing in the hair and probably the resemblance is not very close.  Despite that comment, I do not see anything that ruins the character of Dr. Strange.  It is just a minor thing but the whole cosplay and costume are fine.  
  • Starlord controversy. Well, some said that he looks like a "Matador" or a butcher which is totally not true.  The cosplay is quite good.

Let me share with you a comment which totally shows how appreciation should be done in this case.

As someone who enjoys the hobby of cosplay and in the production industry, these guys are on point on their costume. they might not have the exact look since we are asian, but come on people, they got most of the details right!

For those who are not into the hobby, nor does not have an ounce of knowledge about cosplay, SHAME ON YOU FOR SAYING ITS A FAILURE EVEN IF YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND IT!

They were there to promote a wonderful event, gave time to prepare for it, and are paid for it. so suck it up bashers. For those who appreciate what the cosplayers have done, thank you. its the result of hard work and dedication - Ivan B. Valerio

Ok, since a lot asked- what is going on? We were recently at an official press launch for Infinity War and the event was considered successful. However, a small group of people observing the photos have taken time off their day to comment negatively on the cosplay.

The takeaway is that there will ALWAYS be detractors. I won't talk about how this behavior should stop because it is a GIVEN. It was a given years ago when I started and it's still a given now. It's not new, nor is it some golden rule schtick. Dread it. Run from it. Detractors always arise.

The only pieces of advice I can give (and have been giving) to budding cosplayers (and my team) is ONE - someone will always have something to say about your cosplay. Heck it could be me, but then I try to keep my opinions to myself or to only a couple of people who I know I can be comfortable not mincing words with. But you can never take away people's opinions of you, good or bad. What matters is what you do with said opinions. Part of that advice is to, yes, take in some of the criticism, and like I've said before, use what you can from it as a springboard to improve.

Two- if you're going for a representational cosplay (as in fully 100% being the character as much as you can) then it will come with expectations from your audience (the world). That means putting in a lot of work for your costume. It also is extra tough for characters with exposed faces because then the expectation includes that you look as much as your character if possible- something that can't always be done to a T, whether it be because of your facial structure or because of other reasons, such as supposed appropriation.

Cosplaying representationally is something to prepare A LOT for. It can be daunting, but if you feel it's worth the effort, then by all means do it.

Also remember- you're cosplaying for yourself and the audiences who are happy to see you in costume- most of these will be the kids. Whoever isn't happy isn't happy- but they're not who you're there for. - Christophe X Luna Pacaud

Cosplay is NOT the real thing

The problem with most people is that we become too perfectionist and we want the cosplay to be like the real thing.  Cosplay is NOT THE REAL THING and we should realize that.  

Everyone is entitled to cosplay the character that they won't be it fits them or not. In this instance, however, these cosplayers should also be prepared for the negative comment that other people will say.  People want perfection in things that they love, so comments come in.

Let us learn to appreciate cosplay with respect.  Let us learn to give respect to cosplayers who spend time, money and effort to be the character that they are cosplaying.

Do you have an opinion to share about this issue?  Post it in the comments section below.

Source:  SM City North EDSA

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