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What is OTAKU PHILIPPINES (SDynasty Smart Div)?

I recently found out about the group named "OTAKU PHILIPPINES (SDynasty Smart Div)."  Their full name is SACRED EMPIRE ANIME GODDENS ACADEMY DYNASTY (SEAGA Dynasty) and was founded on June 25, 2011.  According to the group they help people.  I was amazed and in awe when I saw them.

Introducing Sacred Empire Anime Goddens Academy Dynasty (SEAGA Dynasty)

SEAGA Dynasty helps people in Cosplaying, Wattpad Writers, Role-playing, Learn Jpop & Kpop Language, Early Otaku Entrepreneur, Find Jobs, Education in Japanese cultures, Free training of Japanese Martial Arts, Meet-up Natl. Club, and more reality ACTIVITIES. 

The one above is directly grabbed from their Facebook page.  Upon entering the group I asked if the group is serious and if Alodia Goseingfiao is involved since they show her picture.  Unfortunately after 19 hours no one replied to my post.

Who are the people behind this group?

A post in the group reads:

For the very first-time maipapakita sa publiko ang bawat larawan ng haligi at pundasyon sa loob ng 6 na taon ng SEAGA DYNASTY ang mga nangunguna at namumuno sa masususing proyekto sa OTAKU INDUSTRY. ( For the very first time the public will now see the photos of the foundation of SEAGA Dynasty for the last 6 years.  They are the one that leads projects in the Otaku Industry)

Here are some photos which I recognize but might be wrong so help me out here.



Liui Aquino?

Is this a legitimate group? What do you think? For more information you can check them out at https://www.facebook.com/groups/SEAGA.DYNASTY/.


We had just received a reply from Alodia Goseingfiao that she does not know this group and IS NOT INVOLVED WITH THE GROUP.

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