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Otaku and Cosplay Website Plagiarized!

We were shocked to see a blog site which was directly copied from our List of 2017 Cosplay Events.  The funny thing is the wordings and posting seems to be a copy paste of the post.  Needless to say this was done in order to get rankings in Google search at the expense of our site.

Who Plagiarized OtakuPlay

A certain blogger by the name of Florencio Tan was the culprit behind this plagiarism.  It would have been okay if he asks permission or better if he created another list himself.  I am not very keen on competing with other lists of events but copying without permission is a different thing.

His site "animecosplaykawaii" was even similar to our blogspot name which was "animecosplayph" before.  I know that there is a certain technique to copy a successful site but this one is really not funny and not acceptable.

So lesson learned here and which I would like to pass on is NEVER PLAGIARIZED and ASK PERMISSION or CREDIT THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR.

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