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Part 2 - Cosplay Photoshoot Gone Terribly Wrong

What can make a simple cosplay photoshoot so wrong and a subject of discussion in the community?  If you believe that there is a new concept in cosplay which involved 100% nudity, implied nude and the likes then I think we are seeing an evolution in cosplay which most of us surely do not want to see.  In this second part of "Cosplay Photoshoot Gone Terrubly Wrong," we will feature a private message we received which confirms the worst about this situation plus an answer from the organizer himself.

The Story of Sam

Hi, i saw your post with Mr. A. G.' post regarding the sexy cosplay event. I want to share my experience with him. We had a previous conversation regarding the event, and I was asking him for the pegs, which he never gave. He even asked me if i can do a nudeshoot, which i said no. I never agreed to his event. 

Well, so this person is really asking for a nude shoot with female models.  They are fyi NOT REALLY COSPLAYERS but are just female with looks.  Of course people who are open minded and intelligent enough will know as Mr. A. G. says that there is a thing called "artistic nude shoot."  Is this photo shoot really in that level?

I was furious when I saw that he posted, with my photo (he replaced it with KC's photo) he took from my profile without asking permission. I was really upset and asked him to take it down. It took him THREE DAYS before he took it down which was more upsetting because he just had to take it down, and what he have me are excuses that it's puhunan nila iyon sa industry. Like srsly?   I even tried asking the admins of a group for help.

Why would someone forcibly took a photo from your profile and then include it in an art work or advertisement?  What is the motive behind this photo shoot?  Perhaps he is trying to lure more photographers into the pen thinking that they will get a chance to be in a private show with females posing nude and then going home with their nude photos.

Here was the photo. He even spelled my name wrong. (Julia) it's not even my nickname! At one point, he even deleted my comment and  reasoned out that his secretary deleted it. Then why not delete the whole post? It was so bad!

This is really something that is beyond my comprehension.  What's the point with this shoot anyway.  According to Sam, the person was really looking for "cosplayers" but he wanted it to be an implied nude or nude photo shoot.  Sam asked for possible pegs but Mr. A. G. failed to send anything.  He even asked Sam to stop commenting because they are spending money for this event.

Reading from the conversation you can see the attitude for yourself.  I do not know what he is implying here but this is a grave disrespect to the model in the photo.  You should never use a photo specially in such a very sensitive event without prior approval.


Respond of Mr. A. G. regarding Cosplay Nude Shoot

Let us translate what he just said folks:

"Many reacted without even thinking what to say.  I would not even mind answering you because you will not gain anything from it.  Are you saying that if it is nude and sexy it can no longer be said cosplay?  I am not a photographer but you who are really photographers cannot even understand the real meaning of nude and sexy.  What is cosplay for me?  For me cosplay is related to anime and in our poster there are anime characters... are you saying it is perverted if there is something like "nude" or sexy?  Your comments are just hilarious.  We are in photography and there are things like nude nude but they can wear costumes.  You said you are models and photographers who have camera but you cannot understand.  It is an art before you comment.  Explain before you complain. It is my first time to organize an event related to cosplay but all of you had been doing this for a long time and you cannot understand it."

The statement above has many loopholes than anything I had ever encountered in my life.  First, he is trying to recruit models for a photoshoot and then he is not a photographer.  Despite NOT BEING A  PHOTOGRAPHER, he is saying that HE KNOWS MORE THAN WHAT A PHOTOGRAPHER KNOWS.  That is simply amazing.

He says that, IT IS HIS FIRST TIME TO ORGANIZE, yet he is saying that VETERAN ORGANIZERS DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE SAYING.  Does that even made sense?  I do not get it, do you?

depende nga sa tao depende sa pag iisip ang tanung concept ba namin ang concept nyo so nsa sexy concept kme ito ang industry namin kya magkakaiba tyo ng pag iisip dhl pra smen na my ganito concept.its an art no malicious 1st of all igalang ntn ang sarili ntn paniniwala at kakayahan ng bawat isa.  (It depends on the people and the way of thinking.  The question is your concept our concept?  We are in a sexy concept and this is our industry that is why we are different.  Because for us who has this concept it is an art and no malicious.  First of all respect our own beliefs and ability of each other.)
Okay, FYI I agree that you can create your own concept of a photo shoot but COSPLAY IS COSPLAY.  There is a certain standard to follow and what you are planning is NOT COSPLAY IN ANY SENSE.

Someone did agree with what he is posting saying, "Agree po ako sa post. Kasi iba talaga yung sex..sa nudity.."

The thing is NO ONE IS SAYING THAT NUDITY IS SEX.  What everyone is saying is that THERE IS NO COSPLAY WHEN A PERSON IS NUDE!  This is never and will never ever be cosplay.

Mr. A. G. is thankful that there are publicity like this because more photographers want to join the photo shoot.  So what should we do?  Should we allow this to happen?  Should we allow some photographer to destroy what cosplay is and make use of women for his nude photoshoots?

Sam and Tessa could file a complaint to the police because their photos are used maliciously.  This is something that is really unacceptable.

Please share and let us stop this Mr. A. G.

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  1. AG.

    Don't beat around the bush....If nudity is nit sex...then why do you sent an invite that is too straightforward without asking the talent /model discreetly..POLITELY if she accept nude photography?

    2nd...using the image of the model for an event collateral WITHOUT CONSENT from the owners CAN BE USED AGAINST YOU.

    Lastly you say you are LEGIT? Then explain why you are not aware of the items mentioned above?

    If you are not familiar with the slogan, COSPLAY IS NOT CONSENT...then it's about time you do your research.


  2. Depende sa malikot na pagiisip? TRUE ART? ARE YOU F#@$ SERIOUS?!!! Then you are an idiot!!! Di lahat ng modelo papayag sa nude shot...omg IN A COSPLAY event pa?

    Kung talagang may alam ka sa Otaku Community, alam na alam mo na mga ganitong events ay HEALTHY at FAMILY ORIENTED...sure sure may mga nagpapakita ng flesh in cosplay...PERO NUDE PHOTOGRAPHY ?!!!!!

    Go to ALL KNOWN Otaku events...check mo kung may nude photography. WALA DI BA?!!!

    PHOTOGRAPHER DIN AKO....DON'T GIVE A F#@#$@ excuse use of your secretary.

    Take down your poster, cease inviting models to go nude for your event , CANCEL YOUR EVENT and MAKE A PUBLIC APOLOGY!

    Baka nakakalimutan mo may mga minor pa dito...hindi sila tanga....at dahil sa ginawa mong idea na ito...ikaw ang sisisihin ng photography community...masisira ka.


    1. This guy has the guts to tell every veteran photographer, model and organizer that THEY DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING.

  3. I am writing this article to help the community. We had too much already of people entering into the fandom and hobby and then bastardizing the thing that we all love.

  4. Agree ako kay ANON....Magulang ako.....Ano sabi mo Arthur? Di muna nagiisiap bago sumagot? SABAW KA PALA EH!!!! IKAW DAPAT NAGISIP MUNA!!!!

    Event mo is for Cosplay..so Otakus (FROM KIDS TO ADULTS)....NOT SUITABLE!!!

    Halatang baguhan ka at marami ka pa aalamin tungkol sa difference of ART and CONSENT.

    Ikaw rin ang di nag iisip!! May nag rereklamo na models na pinadalhan mo ng invitation ..masyadng direkta iho!!!

    Kung totoong photographer ka , otaku at organizer sana di mo gunawa ito..ikaw ang mapahamak.

    NUDE PHOTOGRAPHY is done privately , not within an event like this!!!

    Tanggalin mo na at wag mo na ituloy event mo dahil ngayon alam na ng lahat.


  5. AG...

    If first time mo mag organize ng ganitong event...THEN YOU LACK A LOT IN RESEARCH, PLANNING AND LOGISTICS...which includes....CROWD SOURCING AND DECORUM.

    You are not ready to organize ANY EVENT AT ALL.

    WE KNOW SEVERAL OTAKUS ,MODELS and PHOTOGRAPHERS who are VERY CAPABLE of legal action. Your comments and messages have already been collated as evidence.

    Do not refuse to cooperate lalo lalaki problema mo.

  6. I guess mahirap talaga if thirst, greed at libog kumokontrol sa isang tao...

  7. Costume play.. that alone is a simple but clear explanation, although there may be some exceptions (i.e. spice and wolf), simply wearing a wig is not enough.

    in regards to nudity, despite the fact that most photographers consider it as art, there are those that hide behind their lenses to hide their perverseness... it's also done in private, not as a public event.
    Furthermore, some women are not aware of it and can sometimes be fooled with perfumed words of encouragement. so even if you say that it is in her 'consent', it doesnt mean every woman knows what they are signing themselves in for.

    1. Your words and comment would simply say that indeed this is something that is totally outrageous. Right?

  8. The so called organizer should respect the cosplay community and know what art really is than making money out of it lang. He does not seem to also respect the models. Very unprofessional of him.


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