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Cosplay Photoshoot Gone Terribly Wrong

What would make a Cosplay Photoshoot so wrong that you want to punch the organizer so much for it?  Well just look at this photo and you might just get a hint about it.  A certain Arthur Gutierrez invites both photographers and cosplayers for what he called as "Best Gathering Open Photoshoot."  What's wrong with it?  Well, read on.

Cosplay Photoshoot "Nude Concept"

How can you call "nude" as cosplay when the person is not wearing any costume?  Ah, perhaps the organizer will provide wigs and make up so that the person will look like her chosen character.  The funny thing is he needs only 1 model for casual shoot then the rest are for sexy shoots - 2 models "sexy implied" and 3 models for "artistic nude concept."

Inclusive of Entrance fee, Food and Drinks, Unli rice, Casual Sexy,impliede and full nude shoot, and much more!! (Newbies will be prioritized)
The organizer charges Php350 for cosplayers and Php1,000 for photographers with the above perks as the reward.  He can't even spell the word "implied" correctly and seems to lure people to the fact that there will be a "full nude shoot"

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Cosplay Community Reacts

Cosplayers and other community people immediately reacts to this perversion of cosplay.  One person who is included in the photo Tessa Carbonell was even surprised that despite her turning down the invitation, she was still included,

 Here are some other reactions:

COSPLAY tapos may nakalagay na NUDE CONCEPT? nasan na ang Costume dun? wala bang utak pasimuno nito? tapos may Registration Fee ka pang nalalaman.. Ginagago mo mga tao ehh (Cosplay then there is a nude concept? Where is the costume there?  Where is the intelligence of the organizer of this event?  There is even a registration fee.  You are fooling people here.)

Wag mong gaguhin at idawit ung Cosplay para lang sa kikitain na wala naman theme o concept ung dyan tarantadong stupido ka. (Do not make fool and involve cosplay for your own ends and to generate income.  You have no theme or concept.  You are just plain stupid!)

The reactions above are excerpts from the post of the organizer which we are contemplating will be deleted in the next 24 hours.

What makes this "BEST GATHERING" a "BAD GATHERING" Cosplay Photoshoot?

Some people really think that cosplayers, more importantly female cosplayers can be lured into posing for nude shots just because of a photographer or just for the shot.  Do you not have any decency and shame to call yourself a photographer and organize such a shameless event?

Let me enumerate why this is so wrong:

  • Cosplay is NOT CONSENT.
  • Nudity is not cosplay.
  • Suiting up in a costume does not mean that is cosplay.
  • Putting on a wig is not necessarily cosplay.
  • This is plain abuse of women in cosplay.
Do you have other things to add in the list?  Post it in the comments section below.

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