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Our Experience at Magenta - A Mystic Messenger Event + Cafe

My girlfriend is an avid fan of Mystic Messenger which influences me to like the game and the characters as well.  She invited me to go with her and cover Magenta: A Mystic Messenger Event + Cafe at Warehouse 8 in Makati City. This is my first time to attend a focus event and fan gathering that only caters to a single title and genre.  How did it went?  Well, here goes...

What I like about Magenta Mystic Messenger Event

Booths.  The most memorable part of this event is the number of booths offering exclusive Mystic Messenger items and drawings.  If I am an avid fan this is an event where I could get a lot of haul for my collection.  There are also super hot posters which makes even me perspire.  It was not all items as well for there are food like Honey Buddha Chips, Dr. Pepper and more.

Mystic Messenger Food.  Although, it was sad because I was not able to taste their Mystic Messenger Themed menu I have an idea that they are all delicious.  If given a chance we could have ordered all of it and try it out so that we can find out why they are named as such.  Zen for example is a carbonara dish, while we also have a pesto dish which if I am not mistaken is associated with Sairan (I had to edit the spelling since I previously spelled it as "Zyran").

The Cafe.  There are tons of effort put in the cafe specially the idea of how the program will be done.  They have a secret ending, good ending, and bad ending session for the cafe.  We only manage to go to the good ending or was it a regular ending?  The Mystic Messenger cosplayers served as battlers at the cafe where they also play games with them.  Special mention to the Zen and Jumin cosplayer because they are really in character.

What I don't like about Magenta Mystic Messenger Event

This does not mean that I hate it but rather what could have been improved and should be improved next time.

The Feel.  The moment we enter the venue there was a feel of eeriness.  I do now know what exactly makes me feel that way but it was as if a negative aura was surrounding the whole venue.

The Staff.  We went to the registration and we said that we are one of their invited media.  After that they handed me over my badge and said nothing nor greeted us.  Well, at least if we are there to cover the event they could have at least shown some sense of greeting and well show us what is there for us to cover.

When we tried to enter the cafe the first time, there was this guy who seem to have forgotten how ti smile.  He was really intimidating and if not for a friend I would have just stayed outside.  Another thing was how they handle a rant from an irate parent, it could have been better if respect is always observed.

Magenta Mystic Messenger Event Summary

In Summary.  The things I don't like are just but newbie mishaps in organizing an event.  I am not saying that the event was a failure but it was something worth looking into.  These are also the reason why we had to leave early because at some point we had been clueless already and well I am hungry because we cannot buy food inside.

The Mystic Messenger cosplayers there was also good, however it could have been better if they mingle more with everyone and also be in character at all times rather than just inside the cafe.  I would like to express our congratulations to the organizers for coming up with this great event and looking forward to attend the next one - hope they don't get mad at what I said in this article.

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